Saturday morning

It is still very chilly here at just over 3 degrees and still pitch dark but dry at the moment.  Yesterday was one of general rest and relaxation.  The chicken lunch turned out well and the hen got its three hours of  brine before roasting.  The morning passed quickly as my welsh neighbour popped in for a chat and I am always up for a chat.  I mention that she is welsh as it was she who taught me the welsh national anthem - I love the tune and now I can sing the words in welsh.  It took me quite a while to get the words learned but they are now firmly fixed.  She has been having a pretty grotty winter with assorted sickness problems which at last seem to be resolving and with two teenage daughters she really does have her hands full.
She was very interested in our solar panels and when we got to talking about electricity it came to light that she is paying nearly three time the price for her electricity as we are so we are going to have a comparison of meter readings to see if it is just her supplier or are they using 3 times as much power.  I can imagine that 2 teenage girls could well be heavy on the power.
Sandi rang me to cancel roost shooting for today as the hunt is going through the valley and it will not be possible.  However, she would like to come and visit on Monday and we are hoping to have a nice day dog training but all depends on the weather.
For super last night I made a very interesting salad - matchsticks or should I say julienne of raw celeriac, ribbons of raw courgette and diced cooked beetroot all doused in a very lemony vinaigrette with a good hand full of crispy bacon mixed through.  Not only did it look very good but tasted good with the mixture of sweet, salty and sour and a variety of textures. Even Mike, who is slightly phobic when comes to vegetables, munched his way through and enjoyed it.  The chicken breasts have been saved to make some pies and the carcass is in the pot making stock.  I now have the ingredients to make the veal and ham pies so I think today may well be a pie making day.  After some thought I think I will make a hot water crust pastry pie but instead of hand raising I will make it in a loaf tin and thread hard boiled eggs down the middle as in a gala pie.  The most critical thing is going to be getting the seasoning right especially as the ham is quite salty.  Anyway, it will be great entertainment no matter what!!!!
So first things first I need to get the decks cleared and stuff out of the freezer.
Oh dear, I spoke too soon it is tipping down with rain!!!!!!
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