Saturday morning

Well it is mild and dry this morning and according the weather forecast it is set to stay that way for the day and we may even see some glimmers of sunshine.  As it turned out yesterday was a day of indolence as I did very little except clean out the hens and cook the food - the rest of the morning was devoted to finishing off the tea cosy.  I did however take the dogs for a walk and tried to do a bit of training with Basso which all came to nothing.  On the first exercise as I bent forward to take the dummy from him a tennis ball rolled out of the bag well that was it all he wanted to do was play with the tennis ball so we cut our losses and went home.  The soft herring roes fried in butter and piled on a slice of toast made a most acceptable lunch.  Supper was a nice salad of ribbons of courgette with a vinaigrette dressing and a breast of duck pan fried to render all the fat from under the skin and leave it beautifully crispy.  I also did a desert of rhubarb with the last of the blackberries and some stem ginger which we had with a splash of cream.  All in all a very acceptable meal....

Today things may be a bit different as I have to leave the house by about 1pm and will not be back until it is dark so between 5 and 6pm - I may come bearing pigeons or I might be empty handed either way I think I will get out some beef and potato pies for supper and lunch will be early so I think a brunch type of meal of bacon and eggs would be suitable.  Needless to say the shed got put to the bottom of the list yet again!!!

I am going to place an order with the alternative meat company today for some English rose veal which I find hard to get locally.  They are having a two for the price of one offer which is hard to resist.  I like veal but more than that, as I love dairy produce, I feel that I should eat veal instead of the farmers having to shoot the calves at a few days old which makes no sense to me.  It is a bit like eating chicken and refusing to eat eggs.  I think you know me well enough by now to know that if it is to be killed the least we can do is to eat it...

I will let you know how I get on with my first roost shooting expedition in tomorrows blog.  I will not be taking the dog as it is too much for me to control the dog and shoot.  Sandi will be bringing her dog to pick up so I can concentrate on shooting.  I guess the shed gets put back yet again!!!!!
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