Saturday morning

Good morning all another blowy day but the temperature is in double figures.  We had an interesting morning yesterday as I decided that having located the places where we went hunting on Google earth I would take Mike to see so that he might have a picture in his head. Finding farms located deep in the country side is not as easy as you might at first think as I find aerial maps quite disorientating.  We did need to go in that general direction to visit the shop that sells the coffee we use.  Mike was driving and I was navigating and as we drove through the village where Roger lives my phone rang - it was Roger he was in his car and had spotted us and wondered what we were doing in his neck of the woods.  Now what are the chances of that happening???  We managed to find both farms and Mike was gob smacked at the size of the fields we had walked round and the roughness of the shawls of tangled brambles that I had managed to walk through.  I think he now understands why I needed a pair of moleskin trousers and heavy boots.  He is also more understanding of my state of total collapse when I eventually got home.  I don't know who informs the pheasants that the shooting season is over but they were in abundance walking about in the roads and laughing at us....
After we had been round the shop we headed for Sandi's house to pick up a hare that she had for me in her freezer and had a cup of coffee and a chat.  Then we were off home for lunch of some nice cold meats crusty bread and a bowl of hot leek and potato soup that I had made first thing.  Supper was a repeat performance we finished the soup and some lovely Tuscan salami.  While we were shopping I bought a proper free range, organic, slow grown, chicken @ £12 which we are going to have for lunch today.  I intend to brine it and then just simply roast it with an assortment of vegetables.  The meat counter of the shop was full of game but I am completely pheasant-ed out and a chicken will be a nice change.   
Needless to say I never did get round to doing the ironing so I had better do that this morning before it crashes into next weeks washing.  Tonight we are out to a birthday celebration in a local pub but I am not anticipating a late night as we will be surrounded by a much younger generation and almost nobody we know.  This is not my thing and I am only going because I don't want to offend the host who is a good friend.
First things first I must get the hen out of the fridge and do some calculations with regard to the brine or we will be eating at 4pm instead of 1pm.  Have a good day all and Joy I hope you are feeling a bit better this morning....
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