Saturday afternoon

Boy am I glad that roost shooting is off due to the hunt.  It has been drizzling all day with just sharper bursts to punctuate but seldom a dry moment.  So what do you do on a dismal wet day?  Cook is the answer - so far I have made 2 chicken and mushroom pies 2 chicken and ham pies all in the freezer.  The veal and ham gala pie is in the fridge getting loaded with its jelly which needs to cool and set.  However against the odds I manage to get it out of the tin in one piece.  The hot water crust pastry was fun to work with and reminded me of very soft play dough lets hope it doesn't taste the same.  

Tomorrow when it is fully cooled I will cut through and see what it looks like on the inside.  The bits of left over ham went into sandwiches for lunch which we had with a celeriac remoulade, all a bit strange but it was what was available in the middle of the cookery.  The rest of the celeriac was made into mash with some potatoes which will accompany tomorrows lunch of veal spare ribs roasted with butter, white wine, rosemary, garlic, sage and lemon zest - very Italian flavours.  I intend to slow roast it at a low temperature covered in foil and then give it a blast of heat at the end to brown the outside. Fingers crossed this will work OK.  It is not a joint I have tackled before but I think it should be OK.
I had an idea while I was making the chicken pies and that was to use the same foil boxes but to fill them with fruit crumbles which could be frozen and baked off at will.  I think one box would make an adequate portion for two normally or as individual pies for hungrier folks.
Well that about it, having slept through "Death on the Nile" yet again!!! I am off to use my brain and do the crossword puzzle.
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