Monday morning and the start of another week

Well as February draws to a close it has not been too bad a month we have had our fair share of rain and cold but have been spared the ice and snow of previous months.  However, I am not counting any chickens just yet as I know that March can be a very cold month too.  Yesterday as I drove down to Dover the sun was shining and the countryside looked glorious with the newly ploughed field just waiting for their crops to be sown.  There is not a glimmer of green on the trees as yet but I do have some mini daffodils in bloom in the window box out side the kitchen.  My shooting was a bit patchy but I really enjoyed myself which is the main point.  It was pretty chilly in the woods with a cutting easterly wind which made the targets move about in some very odd ways but all the more of a challenge for that and for once I had got the mix of shirts and jackets spot on and didn't freeze or boil.  There were fewer people than usual so we got round in very quick time and by 11am I was on my way home.  Mike was surprised to see me home by just after 12 and had already eaten his lunch.  I was still full from my sausage baguette so it was just a case of cleaning my gun then off for a sleep.  By the time it came to supper I was good and hungry and the fish pies were given 20 minutes at 200 and then dished up - needless to say we both burned our mouths on them but boy were they good.  It really did pay off to make them properly with a good flavoured milk to poach the fish in and loads of parsley in the sauce.  I had left the fish in identifiable lumps and pressed the scallop deep into the middle of each pie to ensure that they did not get over cooked.  I'm very glad I made 6 of them and will look forward to eating the rest of them.
Today we are making an early start as we are taking all three dogs to the college to have their coats sorted out.  We have to be there by 9 am and it is a good hours drive so we need to be away by 8 am and hope we miss the main rush hour traffic as we are going across country.  It is a bit of a pain as we then have to go back again at 2 pm to collect them so we will be spending a lot of time in the car.  It would be nice to have a pub lunch but the timings don't work well so I have taken out a big tub of roasted root soup for lunch and for supper I am going to make Mikes favourite kidneys in a sherry and mustard sauce served with rice.  The kidneys this time are veal which for my money are the very best for flavour.  I can do all the preparation work while waiting for the dogs to be ready.
Well that is about it for this morning time I got going - have a good day all.....

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