Monday morning and the start of another week

The veal and ham pie has turned out OK but the recipe called for a teaspoon of ground mace which I feel is rather over the top and has dominated the flavour.  If I do this again I will cut back on the mace and let the meat flavour come through more strongly.  It is on the menu for lunch today so we will see what Sandi had to say and if she agrees with me.

Basso had a lovely birthday with a special long walk - this was a sacrifice on my part as it was very cold and drizzly but he really enjoyed it so it was worth it.  Then it was home and his present which was a large marrow bone filled with what looks like sausage meat but I bet it is sawdust and gravy.  Anyway the dogs love it so that is all that counts.  Tuc is an expert with these bones and knows that if you throw them up in the air and let them fall with a thump then some of the meat will be knocked out of the centre.  However, the noise of constant thumping drives us mad and they are eventually confiscated so we can have some peace and quiet.

The veal I cooked for lunch was delicious in flavour but could have done with longer in the oven.  I gave it 3 hours at 120 and 30 minutes at 200 to brown but it really could have used longer as the meat was still a bit chewy.  I have another short rib joint so I will know better next time it really needs to be falling off the bones.

I am hoping that Sandi will come today but all depends on the weather as it is our intention to go out with the dogs and have a training session.  I will be very pleased as there are lots of bits of training that require two people so I need a friend to help me.  She will be bringing Yoda her black lab who is a colleague of Bassos as they both work together but sadly my terriers can't stand him.  The solution is to put the terriers in the crate while Yoda is with us.  The last thing we need is a dog fight.  There has never been a problem with Casey one of her other dogs but then she is a bitch and my boys like her.  No surprise there then!!!!

The hens are skating on thin ice at the moment and not laying very well so they could well find themselves in the stock pot - however, I will give them until the real spring to sort themselves out before I make the decision to replace them.  You probably think I am very hard hearted but they are not pets they are there for a purpose and I am not prepared to feed them for no reason.  Which reminds me there is a 25 kilo sack of feed still in the car which needs humping up to the shed.  Gone are the days when I could just carry it up there now I need the sack barrow to make the journey.

I looks like it is going to be another very cold day with the temperature at the moment hovering just above 3 degrees but we are forecast a dry morning with the rain coming in this afternoon.  The long range forecast looks like we would be better off shooting on Thursday as Wednesday looks pretty wet.  I also need a trip to the gun shop to buy more cartridges which are going up in price dramatically with the cheapest now somewhere around £140-150 per thousand.

Well that's about it for this morning time I went and got the chocolate and beetroot cake out of the freezer as I am sure a slice of that would go down well with lunch........

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