Monday morning and mobile

Good morning all, to follow on from yesterdays saga my first mission in the morning was to ring green flag and sort out the car.  Well I can hardly believe how easy it was.  I rang at 9 am and by 10 am there was a specialised van outside the house.  The van was all set up with assorted pumps and within the hour the 60 litres of mixed fuel was out, the tank cleaned and a new amount of diesel put in.  Then came the difficult bit, parting with £200 so when you add on the lost fuel it has been quite an expensive mistake.  Anyway it is all over now and we are mobile once more.  Poor Mike took it very hard and had a sleepless night worrying so after I made us a sumptuous risotto cooked in the stock from the chicken and into which I added some of the left over meat along with some cream cheese that was lurking in the back of the fridge.   I knew that I had made too much but had intentions of using the left over risotto to make arancini which are balls of risotto filled with a knob of mozzarella cheese then coated in egg and breadcrumbs and deep fried which we had for supper with a salad - real diet food!!!!!  This was comfort eating in the extreme.....
The tension in the house must have been palpable as the two terriers decided to have a real fight, Basso tried to break it up but they were not satisfied until both had drawn blood.  I know better than to try and get between them but there was considerable punishment to follow.  There was no serious damage done just a few cuts and bruises.  Today I want to get them all out for a jolly good run in the wind which will take some of the high spirits out of them and I need to walk off the over indulgence of yesterday.
With a view to getting Basso in swimming I have been researching getting a pair of chest waders which will be a lot more convenient than shorts and a wet bottom which is what I have tried so far.  Driving home in wet knickers is not to be recommended!!!!  We also need to get the car cleaned now that the worst of the mud from the hunting season is over but that is going to take a bit of organising and is very much Mike's department.
I have absolutely no idea what we are going to eat today I still have some cold chicken but I can't face it again today so it will end up in a pie mix and I will have to look in the freezer for inspiration.  I still have some mackerel fillets which would be nice for lunch but am completely out of salad ingredients so may be a trip to the supermarket is called for.
On my way to the chickens yesterday I noticed that we have loads of lovely snowdrops in bloom so I will try to get out and get a photo today if I remember.  Anyway thanks for you commiserations with the car incident and I hope that you don't ever make a similar mistake.  Have a good day all.......
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