Monday and the start of another week

Lets start with yesterday.  Having completed the early morning cookery and diner preparations it was time to head off to the shooting club at Dartford.  I had never been there on a Sunday and was surprised to find the car park absolutely packed despite the drizzling rain.  I made my way to the club house to see if I could find my gunsmith but he had not yet arrived so it up to the bar to order a bacon sandwich.  No sooner had I order than he showed up but fortunately he too was after a bacon butty for breakfast.  Once we were comfortably filled we drove down to the Skeet ranges together with another acolyte who was in need of instruction.  The poor chap was only averaging 98/100 it made my heart bleed!!!!!  It is quite intimidating to shoot with a large crowd watching but I am past caring these days and just get on and do what I can.  We had to wait ages before a range became available and it was rather cold and windy with a miserable continuous drizzle.  The shooting ground is almost directly under the QE2 bridge which connects Kent to Essex across the Thames and is on marsh land which is usually saturated with water and yesterday was no exception.  I shot reasonably well to start with and with a few corrections began to shoot better.  The gun is now a perfect fit but I have to learn to use it.  The good shooting was not to last as I got colder and more tired so my accuracy diminished.  I finally made it home at around 2pm very cold and tired.  Mike had made himself a corned beef sandwich for lunch so I decided to potter off to bed and have a rest.  However, there was no rest to be had as I just stayed frozen and seemed to be unable to get warm.  What I should have done was get into a hot bath but I was too tired to be bothered. Finally I got up and turned a few knobs to get the dinner under way.  Thank goodness I had prepared everything in the morning as I certainly was not in the mood to start from scratch.  Then warm at last I was back off to my bed to sleep the sleep of the just.
This morning I am up at a reasonable time of 4.30 and now I can get on with planning my day.  The old bones are bit creaky but nothing I didn't expect after my exertions of the weekend.  I believe we are in for another day of rain so outdoor pursuits will be kept to a minimum and I can feel a shopping trip looming as I am short of lots of ingredients and I really need to plan a weeks worth of menus.  At some point I will have to brave the garden and clear it of doggy "evidence" as there is a possibility that Mark may come tomorrow.  I have also left the job of cleaning my gun which I should have done yesterday but I was just too knackered, I excuse myself by leaving the gun to dry thoroughly before cleaning!!!! you see I can rationalise my laziness quite easily.  Well that's about it for today have a good one everyone and it is nice to see you back from your absence Anne, entertaining is great fun but it is time consuming...

P.S.  Happy valentines day I only just remember what the date was!!!!
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