Friday morning

I spoke too soon yesterday, the rain was on its way and it stayed for the whole day, nothing dramatic but constant.  I busied myself in the kitchen and set to making the melanzane parmigiana and while I was at it I decided to make some stuffed peppers.  The stuffing was with some Quorn mince that I had in the freezer to try.  Well it may be low in fat but it is also flavourless so I tried to add lots of flavour with other ingredients however the finished product was not much good and had the texture of finely minced rubber bands with less taste.  I don't know if it will be a bit better in the peppers but the left overs went to the dogs.  No sooner had I finished these dishes than the phone rang - it was the fishmonger offering to deliver some really fresh herrings.  So lunch plans were quickly abandoned and we ended up with lovely herring fillets tossed in oatmeal and fried.  The herrings had plenty of roe so today for lunch will be soft roes on toast.

I made the phone call to book Basso in for his hips to be X-rayed but instead got my ears chewed off as it was the ladies mobile phone number which apparently I was not supposed to use so I have been instructed to phone back on Monday using the correct number.  Fortunately I had been pre warned that she is an extremely curt and abrupt person - they were not telling lies!!!!  I then rang the Animal Health Trust genetics department and organised a test kit for Cerebellar Ataxia which I can do myself or take to the vet so that it can be matched with the chip number.  Janet, Basso's breeder advised me to wait until I have the results of the hip score before I invest in the CA test as it would be a waste of money if the hip score is bad.  The things I do for that dog!!!!! at least he has earned the money for the hip test himself so I will give him a sub for the other test if the hips are OK.

I have organised my first afternoon of roost shooting on Saturday so lets hope the weather cheers up a bit but at least I hope this will not mean loads of walking as my back still hasn't recovered from my last bird shooting experience.  Then on Sunday I am off to Dartford shooting club for a bit of instruction from the gunsmith who altered my gun.  I will have to do a bit of juggling with the meals as supper on Saturday is likely to be late as will lunch be on Sunday and I don't want to leave myself with loads to do when I get back.  I can foresee something like corned beef hash being on the menu which can be pre prepared and then thrown together at the last minute.

Today I have no major plans - I would like to get a bit of training in with Basso and the hens could use a clean out, then there is the dreadful job of the shed which both Mike and I keep putting on the back burner as neither one of us has any enthusiasm for the job.  Perhaps, if we break it down into small bits we will be a bit more willing.  I am going to suggest that we clear one bag of rubbish each day until it is done!!!  I don't know about you, but it is often the thought of a job that is the worst bit. Once you get started it doesn't seem so bad and the satisfaction when it is done is incomparable.....

First things first I will go and clear up the kitchen and then treat myself to a few rows of knitting.......
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