Friday morning and blowing

Good morning all a bit late this morning as I had a late night.  We were out to dinner at Shiona's which is a good hours drive away.  She had some friends staying with her who are now resident in France but had come over to clear out her mother's bungalow as she is now in a nursing home and not expected to last much longer.  The bungalow needs to be sold to pay the nursing home fees.  What a pain at a difficult time!!!  Anyway Shiona had really pushed the boat out and prepare a wonderful Chinese banquet to celebrate Chinese new year.  There were dishes of pork, chicken, fish and pigeon as well as a couple of vegetable dishes and masses of rice.  It was all delicious and all that remained was a portion of rice for each of the 5 dogs.  I drove us back home as Mike had been at the wine and noticed just how windy it had become the car was getting a real buffeting and at 3 tons it take a lot to shake it.
I was given some very pretty glasses that were rescued from the general house clearance and I am delighted with them.
The two larger glasses would be really nice with a syllabub or chocolate mouse and the smaller ones are an ideal size for port or liqueurs.

I am very sorry to read that you are unwell Joy and I hope it is something very transient that is gone as quickly as it has arrived.  I like your idea of knitting a tea cosy to while away the day while you rest and as you say better not to spread what ever it is to your colleagues and pupils.  You will be please to note that I am back up and running and that my knotted muscles have finally relaxed and I am pain free.

Anne, I can't say I envy you your reading matter but you are certainly getting the classics under your belt.  I suppose the point is if you enjoy it then it isn't a chore.  Does the same apply to ironing I wonder?  That is what is facing me today having done several machine loads yesterday but I actually don't mind the ironing, it's the putting away that I hate so I will delegate that to Mike.

Now as for lunch and supper I haven't a clue so I will have to go for a trawl through the freezer and see what I can find.  I have a nice pointed cabbage to go with something and leeks and potatoes which may end up as soup I think anyway no doubt I will come up with something.  I am hoping for a trip to the food emporium in Faversham today so I may find some delicious goodies there.  The excuse for going is that we all but out of coffee and need to restock.  I may take Mike to see the places that Basso and I hunted so that he can see just how huge an area we covered and get an appreciation of just why I was in such a state of collapse.  Anyway what ever I am planning I had better make a start or the day will just fritter away with trivia.......

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