Good morning all, it is quite a chilly day here but not the freezing temperatures we have been used to.  However, there is still a large patch of ice in the pond which seems reluctant to melt. Yesterday, I got stuck into the laundry that needed doing and also continued with my cupboard cleaning.  This time a cupboard which contains all the pulse type ingredients.  In the process I found odd bits of various things which I boiled up for the hens who were very delighted.
As you can probably see each shelf is two boxes deep with those most often used in the front and the stranger items at the back after all I don't use buckwheat or urid dall very often.  I think this demonstrates my operating theatre background rather well as everything is labelled - in a theatre it means you can send anyone to get something provided they can read, they don't need to recognise or understand what they are looking for.  Possibly not very useful in my own kitchen but old habits die hard and it does meant that anyone can use my kitchen with confidence.

We ended up having the lentils and cotechino for lunch and I made some lovely creamy parmesan polenta to go with it.  There was rather too much quantity so the dogs enjoyed the same for their supper.  We on the other hand had some mushrooms on toast as we were still full from lunch.  I made a big batch of individual bubble and squeaks which will be put in the freezer for use at a later date but it did use up the cabbage which had been hanging around for some time.  They come in quite handy for a quick lunch or supper with a poached or fried egg or may be a couple of rashers of bacon or even to accompany some left over cold meat.

Now the plan for today - I thought I would just clean out a draw this morning as I don't want to do too much before I go shooting but I don't want to break the cycle of cleaning either.  Having done the laundry yesterday I find that most of the stuff is non iron so I only have a small pile of shirts to get through.  The shooting lunch for today is a nice cottage pie made from the Christmas roast beef which we will have with some broccoli.  Mike is staying behind so he can put the oven on and it should be hot when we arrive back which is likely to be quite late.  I am hopeful that the weather will hold as they have forecast rain but not till this afternoon.  I have heard nothing from Shiona so I think she must still be in Scotland which means it will be just Jeff and I shooting so we should get round quite quickly.

Now I haven't mentioned the bins as ours go out tomorrow owning to the bank holiday and I must admit I am very grateful that it has been cold as I have a load of dead fish from the pond which had it been summer would have been very smelly by now.  Normally I would have put them in the compost heap but Mike has decided that we should stop making compost as it represents quite a lot of work for me and as the council have provided us with wheelie bins for garden refuse that is what we are now using.  I must admit it does grieve me but I guess I need to be a bit sensible.

OK time for the second coffee and some chores.  I have been watching my meter and noticed that it will soon tip the 10,000 mark which will be a milestone in my blogging.  It also stuck me that I have ended up taking some very strange photos to put on the blog after all who photographs the inside of their cupboards????????

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