Wednesday morning and bin day

Well there is the gentle hum of paint in the air here, but the kitchen and utility room ceilings are done and look immaculately white.  I managed to get most of my list of chores  done, with the exception of the shed, and the trip to the cash and carry was very successful.  They were having what they call a trade day and had a big table covered in buffet type food.  Did I resist, no of course not, I stuffed my face with an assortment of goodies.  I must admit it is very pleasant to wander around the isles with a plate in one hand and glass in the other.  The garage is now stuffed with what looks like a years supply of toilet rolls and various other cleaning products in huge containers.  This morning I must go and date the bottles so that I can see just how long they last.  The foil trays that I use to make individual pies were on sale in packs of 9 rather than 6 and cost the princely sum of 69p per pack so that is quite a saving.  The bit I like best is that I always have a supply and am not constantly having to buy bottles of bleach and surface/floor cleaner I just go and top up from the garage.  They seem to last forever but once I have dated them I will know just how long they really do last.
I had an over abundance of potatoes so I made a big pot of mash which I used to top 4 individual fish pies and still had a portion to have with the slowly cooked skirt for supper.  The fish I used were the odds and end in the freezer a couple of portions of haddock, the bottom of a bag of scallops and the dregs of a bag of prawns.  The cooking instructions are for the men in my life!!!!  They are a god send at times, the pies not the men, when I am in a rush or have to leave Mike unattended.
Today he will be under his own steam as I am going shooting with his brother and he is going to stay at home and keep Ray the painter company.  I will be pleased to be out as the dining room is due for painting today.  Ray is a really lovely chap and how many painters do you know who drive round to find a bakery first thing in the morning just so that he can bring a bag of doughnuts for our breakfast.   Of course doughnuts are definitely on the diet menu!!!! but how can you refuse....It would be churlish!!!!
I am hoping the weather is not to damp as shooting in the rain is no fun but I believe it is going to be cold and windy so I think the long johns and my 'beautifully polished' boots are called for.  Jeff and I will lunch from the burger van that is at the club - they do a mean sausage and onion bap - another of the diet menu foods, oh boy I am doing so well!!!!!  I guess dinner had better be a lettuce leaf and a glass of water but you can bet it won't be. Oh well start again tomorrow or may be next week....
Have a good day all.....
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