Wednesday morning and bin day

Yesterday I had a list a mile long of chores to do but pottering through I managed to get them all done including taking the dogs for a run.  As it turned out it was a nice sunny day though the temperature was a bit cooler at least it was dry which makes a change.  I got the turkey stuff all sorted and packed away the meat vacuum packed and the soup frozen.  We had a portion of the soup and some of the meat for supper.  The dogs also did well out of it and had both breakfast and their evening meal from the scraps augmented with some biscuit.  I made a batch of Joy's oat thins which are proving very useful for a snack if and when necessary.  Three loads of washing got done but you know what that means! I now have a nice big pile to iron.  I think I will have to take that at a slow pace so as not to aggravate the elbow too much.  I am hoping the machine will arrive today and I can start treatment.  The hens got a good clean and have nice new bedding and their feed containers got a good wash out before refilling.  The green house is pretty smelly but I am sure once the soil had been dug over and the glass washed it will be ready for this seasons tomatoes and cucumbers.
Shiona rang last evening to ask if I would look after one of her two dogs while she is away on her Caribbean cruise she is intending to leave the dog with another friend and I will get the bitch which will be acceptable I would not want the dog as well as we would end up with fights.  However, she is going to ask another friend first so it may not happen.  Mike is none to happy at the idea but he will go along as it is me that does all the work.  That said I must clear the garden, of you know what, at first light so that I catch the bin men who come pretty early. 
Today I am making some fish cakes with tinned pink salmon from a recipe on the Activia diet site which looks none too bad and with a nice salad will make a reasonable supper.  I thought I would make double the recipe so that I can put some in the freezer and I will only have one lot of potatoes to peel.  The recipes are done by Juliet Kellow who is the dietitian for WLR so they are calorie counted.  However, the full diet is over 2000 calories per day which is way too much for me to loose weight so I am picking and choosing dishes from the selection available just for ideas.
Well time is ticking by and it the laundry is calling me so I had better make a start on that before it gets light and outdoor chores take over.  I am gradually extending my time on the Wii starting slowly and each week moving on one section the last thing I need now is to over do it and make myself stiff in any other joints!!!!
Hope your day went well at the Spa Anne and you will feel a million dollars and able to tackle your essays with a new vigour!!!!

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