Wednesday and bin day

Well we have cleared the 10,000 barrier.  It is quite amazing to think that so many people have looked at and maybe even read this blog.
Everything seems to be conspiring against me at the moment - I went shooting yesterday only to have a vicious return of the tennis elbow combined with some back ache none of which helped my shooting.  However that is not an excuse just a matter of fact.  I shot none too badly  and both Roger and Jim were highly impressed with the work done on my gun.  We started by shooting some skeet at which I did reasonably but the clays were flying about all over the place in the wind.  We then moved on to a bit of sporting and I had some successes and some failures.  I was pleased that the clays that most resembled incoming pheasants was one of the successes so I hope I will not make a total chump of myself come beaters day.  By the time we got home my elbow was seriously painful so I decided that after lunch it was time for a rest and I took to my bed for a siesta feeling unusually tired.
Today is bin day and we have a garage full of cardboard boxes from various parcels that need to be put out.  We didn't put them out last night as it was forecast for rain and boy is it raining - it would have been a soggy mess if they had gone out over night.  Anyway, I will have to brave the deluge at some point and put it all out for the bin men.  We were very surprised on our drive over to Tonbridge yesterday to see so much flooding.  The fields were awash and the drainage ditches full to over flowing so may be this summer we will be spared a hosepipe ban.
We need to do a bit of shopping today and I have a yen for some fish so I think a trip to the fishmonger is in order. I also have a brace of pheasants in the garage which need dealing with and it would be good if I can get them done before the bin men arrive so that I can dispose of the feathers etc. nice and early.
I also have a pile of documents from British Gas with regard to the feed in tariff for the roof panels which will need some close scrutiny then signing and returning.  However, they are happy to have the documents scanned and returned by Email so at least that will save on postage!!!
I was hoping to get out with Basso for some training but I think we will have to have an indoor session -he might not mind getting soaked but I do.
Did any of you watch the Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall fish show last night - he is on a mission to stop all the caught fish being dumped at sea because they don't fit into the quota.  I must say it is one of the most stupid systems I have ever seen and I cannot see how this will conserve fish stocks.  Once a fish has been caught and is dead we might as well eat it.  Surely they should limit the amount of trips the boats are allowed to make but allow them to land what they catch.  I really hope that there is something we can do to end this lunacy...
And on that note I am going to send off an Email to my MP in the vain hope that it has some effect...
p.s. Letter sent

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