A very Happy 2011 to you all

Well it is 4am and my usual time to be up and I dare say there are those who haven't gone to bed yet.  I was shattered and asleep by 10pm so the new year crept in while I was sound asleep.  I do need to be reasonably fresh today as I have a big lunch to prepare.  We had a relatively quiet day yesterday with a nice walk with the dogs and once we had put the terriers back in the car we did a bit of training with Basso.  It is a great help to have a second pair of hands to throw the dummies while I handle the dog.  He seemed to do well so I am hopeful that when we go on the next shoot he will not disgrace himself again.
Then came the news I had been anxiously waiting for.  The gunsmith rang to say that my gun was ready for collection so we had a quick lunch of chicken in breadcrumbs and stuffed tomatoes and then headed for Pembury which is about an hours drive away. I was absolutely gob smacked when I saw the gun it looks gorgeous and you could not tell that anything had been done.  It looks like a brand new gun and fits me perfectly.  I would take a photo but it is safely locked in the gun cabinet which is in the guest bedroom and I don't think I would be very popular if I were to go and fetch it at this ungodly hour.  However, I will take some shots so you can see just what a remarkable job has been done and what incredible skill is involved in achieving such a wonderful finish.  Of course I am now itching to get out and shoot it but the earliest I can manage is Wednesday and I am hoping that Jeff, my brother in law, will be joining me to put it through its paces.
For today's lunch I have an eight pound piece of leg of pork which has been soaking in brine for eight hours now and is due to be removed and rinsed and dried.  It will take about 3.5 hours to cook so it will need to go in the oven at around 9.30am if it is to be ready for a 1.30 lunch.  That leave 30 minutes standing time before carving during which time I can heat the vegetables and cook the roast potatoes and parsnips and make the gravy.  Dessert is already made in the form of a lemon polenta cake which got sampled last night at supper and was given the thumbs up.  Once lunch is done we will set up the card table in the front room and while I do the clearing up the other four can have a few hands of bridge.  I have not planned anything for supper as I think we will be having a cold pork sandwich and a cup of tea.    However, if people are hungry they can always have scrambled eggs on toast.
Now have I made any new year resolutions - no - I know there is little point.  We certainly need to loose a bit of weight but that will happen as I gradually cut down the rations and the weather improves and I can get out in the garden a bit more.  The Wii fit has not yet arrived so there is that to look forward to and it might help me get into shape without having to go to the expense of joining a gym.   I don't really have any plans for the coming year but we may well decide to get rid of the caravan this year depending on how I feel.  It is lovely to get away but it does represent a huge investment of work for me as Mike is no longer able to participate.  I am loathed to get rid of it as it is about the only break from the house that I get.  The only other plan I have is to get Basso to Portsmouth to have is hips X rayed and then possibly to allow him to breed if anyone wants him as a sire.  After that I feel I have done all I can to make his life completely fulfilled!!!!!  I am definitely not going to show him this year as neither he nor I enjoy the experience.
Well time to get the pork out of its bath and have another cup of coffee - thank you to all those of you who have taken the trouble to add your comments to this blog I do enjoy hearing from you.  So here is to a happy healthy and prosperous 2011 for all of us.......

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