Tuesday morning

Good morning all, the house is in turmoil this morning as everything has been shifted to make room for the decorator.  Moving stuff about only shows up areas that have quietly been gathering dust for ages so a duster is a necessary piece of equipment.  The Wii has been dismantled so at least that lets me off the hook this morning, there will be no ski jumping!!!  Yesterday, was a relatively quiet day just pottering around moving bits and pieces and stacking them in the front room which of course now also looks a mess.  I tackled the muddy boots and got them washed so this morning they are dry and I can apply some dubbin and try and get a bit of a shine on them.  I also washed down the welsh dresser and that too is ready for a bit of polish.
With the dining room being painted I am going to find my style rather cramped as that is where I spend the majority of my time as it is very close to the kitchen.  I guess today would be a really good day to clean out the chickens and get the garden cleared of dog "you know what".  I also need to take a trip to the cash and carry as I have run out of a few items.  I buy my cleaning solutions and washing powder there as I can buy in bulk at a reasonable rate.  I also buy things like tinned tomatoes which are in constant use.  Fortunately, I have have the garage as a store room so bulk purchases don't clutter up my kitchen.  I thought I would try and be a bit clever this time and date the purchases so I can judge how long it take me to use 5 litres of bleach, washing up liquid etc. Hopefully this should keep me out of the house especially if I also take the dogs for a run.  I also have a major job which is looming.  The far end shed is in a terrible mess and I think we have probably killed off the rats that were using it as a home.  It smells pretty dreadful so plenty of Jeyes fluid in a bucket will be needed.  There is a load of stuff that needs to be cleared out and I think we will have more than one trip to the tip.  This is going to be a major task so I was going to wait for some good weather in the spring before I made a concerted effort.  However if I have the energy I may make a start on clearing some of the rubbish.  I made a large pot of vegetable soup yesterday so that will make lunch today nice and easy and I have put some beef skirt in the slow cooker which will be ready come supper time.  It would be really nice with some light fluffy dumplings or maybe some mashed potatoes.  Either way, I will not need to be in the kitchen so if Ray decides to paint the ceiling in there I will not be in his way.  The paint colour is easy the whole house is painted with gardenia on the walls and white ceilings and paintwork and carpeted with the same grey green carpet.  This gives me a very neutral background on which to put accent colours, well that is the theory anyway.  I must admit that it doesn't really interest me so long as it looks clean and tidy.
The elbow seems to be progressing well and while it is still sore it is nowhere near as painful so now it the time that I really will have to be careful not to over do things and set myself back to square one.
Time for coffee number two and getting stuck into the boots!!!  have a good day one and all.....

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