Tuesday morning

The temperature is falling back but at least it is not raining.  Yesterday, it rained almost all day and I felt like a troglodyte living in the semi darkness.  We had some shopping to do so we decided on a change of venue just for some different scenery and took ourselves to Morrison's.  I needed some fresh coriander but they didn't have any so my couscous was made with parsley and mint  instead.  Then I found something irresistible in the form of not only turkey legs but also the thighs.  So I just had to buy two packs and now have a bucket of turkey soup and some nicely roast thigh meat which can be used in various dishes or cold sliced in sandwiches.  The Italians do a lovely dish with cold veal, vitello tonnato, which requires a tuna sauce [rod and line caught of course]  it sounds weird but it actually delicious and I see no reason it will not work with cold turkey.  I also make a devil sauce for cold turkey which is basically a hot spicy hollandaise, not so good for the diet. Oh the possibilities are endless.

The wonderful Jane is due today but as yet I haven't got round to washing her dusters from last week, fortunately I have more than one but I think today will be one of laundry. I also need to get the dogs out as they were confined to barracks yesterday owing to the weather.  Can you imagine the smell of three sopping wet dogs quietly steaming in the corner.  It doesn't bear thinking about!!!!

Now the saga of the lateral epicondylitis to give it its correct name.  After considerable research into the condition I have decided to try a sort of cross between a TENS machine and ultrasound.  The devise is costing me £50 but that is less than two visits to the osteopath.  So fingers crossed it has some beneficial effects.  I think this elbow has been a bit weak ever since I dislocated it and is therefore prone to over use problems.  It is my intention to get over this and then make a concerted effort to do some specific exercises to strengthen the muscles in the fore arm and so hopefully prevent a re-occurrence.  The grim part is that it is a self limiting condition that can take between 6 months and a year to resolve

I am gradually extending my time spent on the Wii and it is showing some results namely I am loosing weigh not quickly but steadily.  This is not down to exercise alone I am also working on portion control and reducing our fat intake.  We are also trying the apple 20 minutes before each meal which certainly takes away the initial ravenous appetite and can do no harm.  The best bit of the Wii is that you get to do different and interesting things like ski jumping and best of all you can do them in your dressing gown!!!!  It keeps score you you can see the improvements as they occur which is encouraging.  Anne I know you were interested in how I got on with the Wii so I am giving you a run down on how it is going.  By the way hope the essay went well...

Ok time for more coffee and the Wii  have a great day all......

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