Tuesday morning

Yesterday was a good day I managed to get one of the kitchen cupboards turned our and cleaned it is amazing how dirty they get even on the inside.  The lowest shelf holds all my herbs and spices on two tier turn table which was very grimy.  It also gave me an opportunity to rationalise the jars and dispose of any that were getting old.  I also went through my Indian spices and tidied them up but in the process I managed to spill turmeric on the carpet.  Fortunately it was dry and hoovered up leaving no trace but the dish cloth is bright red.  I expected it to turn yellow but as I had washing soda in the water it must have reacted with the turmeric and went a lovely shade of scarlet.

Sandi arrived with Casey her yellow lab and she and Basso did their usual thing of lying on the floor nose to nose snogging.  They seem to be completely besotted with each other.  After we had had a coffee and caught up with the gossip from Christmas we took the gun dogs for a training session.  Sandi had brought a feral pigeon from her freezer as well as some dummies.  The rugby fields gave us plenty of space in which to practice various techniques and I must admit that Basso did very well once he had settled down and stopped showing off to his girl friend. It was so nice to have a second person to help as training the dog on my own is actually very difficult.  We had left Mike in charge of some potatoes roasting in the oven which we were going to have with some cold pork pickle and salad.  However, Sandi had brought some wonderful pea and ham soup and some rolls with her so we started with those.  It was a very substantial lunch in the end and supper got put on hold and will in fact be lunch for today.  I was interested to see that Nigel Slater likes to start his new year with a lentil dish he said it is supposed to bring good luck - I just like them, but I will not turn down any good luck that comes my way.  I have my fingers crossed that the Wii will turn up today as we are now back to normal working conditions.

I have a mountain of washing accumulating so I think a bit of laundry is called for and I will tackle another cupboard in the kitchen.  I think this will be a very good way of dealing with the spring cleaning and not make it quite such a daunting task, however it might mean it is like painting the Forth bridge and by the time I get it all done it will be time to start again!!!!  Tomorrow is a shooting day so I don't know if I will have time to get a cupboard done before I leave so perhaps just a draw might be in order.
The weather is not looking too bright and they are forecasting rain which will be miserable however it is not due until later in the day so we may get away with it.  I don't know if Shiona is back from Scotland yet but I will give her a ring later and see if she would like to join us.  Jeff has an appointment with the physio at 9 so he will meet us at the shooting ground around 11 if all goes according to plan.

I am in the process of making some candied peel which will take at least three days - I peeled all the remaining fruit from the fruit bowl and gave it its initial boil now it is soaking in the syrup and will need  30 minutes simmering each day to help it absorb the sugar.  I am hoping to keep it in a jar for cakes etc rather than dipping in chocolate.

OK time for the second coffee and put some of my good intentions into action - have a good day all.

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