Tuesday and a bit warmer

Yesterday was a reasonable day, it was pretty chilly when I took the dogs out and the wind was biting cold so I spent only a short time doing some training with Basso.  I have found it is better to walk all three dogs then put the two terriers in the car while I spend a bit of time with Basso and his dummies.  Unfortunately it was very muddy so my nice clean boots are filthy again and they can stay that way until the weather dries up a bit.  I made some soda bread to have with our bowl of soup and was struck by just how delicious it is.  I used the Valentine Warner recipe which is very simple but makes the most marvellous loaf and is divine eaten warm from the oven.  For supper we had the last of the turkey in the form of a turkey pie with just a lid of puff pastry on the top.  I managed to get all my appointments sorted out and the dogs are booked in for a hair cut at the local college at the end of February.  Mark the gardener is going to come and sort out the garden at some point when he has a spare day and Ray is going to come and paint the dining room some time soon I hope.  The dining room ceiling is a real mess, covered in slobber and in desperate need of some attention.  I can manage to keep the walls slobber free but the ceiling is a different matter.

Today I am going to try going shooting with Roger but it depends on the weather there is no point if it is windy and wet.  The forecast shows rain early on but clearing by about 9am so if we shoot at 11 we should be OK.  The wonderful Jane is due today so with any luck I will come home to a nice clean house.  Given that we are shooting so late I think we will probably have some sort of lunch at the club house as Mike is coming with me.  Then we can stop on the way home and get a few bits and pieces from the shops to see us through the rest of the week.  My vegetables are also delivered today which is just as well as I am almost devoid of anything green.

While I was trawling around on the net yesterday I discovered a site with recipes and found one for a chocolate chestnut truffle cake which I have copied and will definitely be making for my next set of visitors.  It looks really simple to make and sounds delicious.
Now for those of you who are following my progress with the Wii I had a session yesterday and tried the hoola hoop which was good fun but I found that my back was complaining afterwards so it is something that needs to be limited so that I don't do any damage.  It is very easy to get carried away so I am limiting my time quite strictly.  I forwent the pleasure of cleaning out a cupboard in favour of doing the hand exercises and am pleased to report that my tennis elbow is all but gone so I will resume, but perhaps doing just one shelf at a time until my forearm is a bit stronger.
Well that about it for today except to say thank you for the lovely new year card Denzil it arrived yesterday morning.
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