Thursday morning

Decoration finished now it is time to put things back as they belong.  The naked welsh dresser needs to be filled with the usual clutter.  While it was empty I took the opportunity to give is a good polish and general clean.  You would not believe the muck that was behind it when we pulled it out, quite embarrassing really!!!
I abandoned Mike yesterday morning and went off shooting with his brother.  We were very lucky with the weather and managed to get round in the dry.  Jeff had decided that I needed practice in anticipation of shooting real birds on Saturday so instead of having the gun in my shoulder I had it balanced on my hip and had to mount it when I saw a bird[clay]. Under normal circumstances the shooter calls PULL when they are ready and the clay is then fired.  This time I just waited and shot the birds as they came.  I actually found that I shot better this way as it stopped my from trying to aim the gun which is a very bad habit of mine.  Anyway shooting over I had a sausage and onion doorstep and I don't use the term lightly the slices from a lovely soft fresh granary loaf must have been getting on for an inch thick.  Anyway with my tummy all lovely and full it was back home to see how the painting was going.  Just as I left the heavens opened and down came the rain - what luck....
I had left Mike a couple of fish cakes and tomato salad so he was happy with his lunch especially as Ray had brought us a fresh cream chocolate éclair each for breakfast.  By 6.30 the painting was all finished and Ray was on his way home so I set to and made some potato wedges, grilled tomatoes and then put the steaks on the griddle pan.  Well the dogs were delighted as we ate the vegetables but the steak was so tough as to be inedible.  In fact I can't remember ever having quite so tough a piece of meat - so sirloin steaks in the dogs I grilled a couple of rashers of bacon to replace them which was a distinct improvement.
I find I cant stop myself looking around in amazement at the lovely clean walls and white paintwork.  It is a lovely feeling to have it all spruced up and I suddenly realised that the walls are actually painted in a colour to match Basso, how mad is that!!!!
Today the wonderful Jane is due and we will have our work cut out putting everything back in place especially as it will all needs cleaning before it is replaced.  All the glass and frames of the pictures are pretty grotty and the china will need a run through the dish washer on its very quick cycle of 29 mins which is really handy.  The paint smell is not too bad as the woodwork is done with matt white acrylic paint which doesn't go yellow like normal gloss and being matt it doesn't show the imperfections in the skirting board and architraves.  As far as lunch and dinner are concerned it is bacon and egg for lunch and sausages and beans for supper as I know I am going to have my hands full just getting the rooms straight.  Then I need to set too and make some meat balls for lunch tomorrow as Len and Margaret have been invited prior to us all going to the cinema to see the Kings Speech. I know that meat balls, tomato sauce and pasta is Lens favourite meal and it is really easy to do.  I will however need a trip to the butcher for some mince as I don't have any in stock.  As usual my list of chores is getting longer and longer so instead of writing about it I had better get started or I will still be going at midnight.......
Have a great day all whatever you have planned.....
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