Thursday morning

Yesterday we were blessed with some lovely sun shine but it was rather chilly.  This morning I will have to stick my head outside to see what the temperature is like as the thermometer has been removed with a view to the decorating which starts on Monday.  OK, done that, and it is cold so around 3 degrees I would guess but dry at the moment.  Fortunately, there is not too much on the walls, which are due to be painted, so it will not take very long to remove the pictures and it is a good opportunity to have a good clean and rearrange. I made the batch of salmon fish cakes half of which we had for supper.  I was very glad that I had decided to add some lemon zest to the mix as without it they would have been pretty tasteless.  There is also a drawback to a large salad for supper and that is that it is like drinking a litre of water which means "what goes in must come out" and a disturbed night results.  While I love the sunshine it does have one real down side - it shows every bit of dirt and dust.  I was looking at my kitchen cupboards and boy do they need a good wash down but I am loathed to tackle them with this silly elbow.  I did get all the ironing done and put away which always makes me feel better I do hate having it all dangling around the place.  I may just restrict myself to the top cupboard doors this morning and see how I get on.  I am also thinking of going to Dartford and shooting a bit of skeet but I think I will restrict that to 50 rather than the usual 100.
While I was paddling around in the freezer yesterday I found a pair of beautiful kippers which we are going to have for breakfast.  I must have bought them last year as they come from the farm shop in Suffolk.  Now the next burning issue is how to cook them - I think I will put them under the grill and to hell with the smell, we are not expecting visitors, there is no dangling laundry and I'm sure the dogs wont mind.  Lunch kind of depends on whether we are going shooting if so we will end up with a bacon sandwich at the club.  For dinner I have some left over gnocchi which I will do with a tomato sauce and some turkey bits and broccoli.  This is another recipe from the Activia site and was not too bad for calories.  I have a real problem with dieting and that is that while I want to loose some weight I find that I cannot bring myself to contemplate the notion of having to eat like this for ever in order to keep the weight off.  Yes, I know I would be allow the odd days indulgence but the mere fact of this sort of eating being with me for life depresses me totally.  I hope that I eat a balanced and healthy diet normally just way too much!!!!  If I cook as I would want using olive oil, butter, cream and cheese then I am reduced to portions fit for a budgerigar.  It would be good if I could strike a happy medium but I have yet to find it!!!!  Oh I do feel better for having a moan......
Now for my Wii experience - Anne I don't think you would be disappointed if you were to invest in one I know it is early days but I am enjoying the experience and hope that it is doing me some good at the same time.  After all how many people do you know who do ski jumping with breakfast!!!!  It takes a bit of getting used to but there are so many things to do that you don't get easily bored.  My experience of using a gym was dire and I would not have gone if they didn't have a swimming pool and steam room to make it worth my while. I found pounding a treadmill so boring I would have rather watched pain dry.  At least out with the dogs is more interesting and I am getting some fresh air as well, you do have to brace yourself for the British weather.  However, I do subscribe to the motto "there is no such thing as bad weather only inappropriate clothing"
Well that's me for this morning I am off for coffee number two and to make a start on those wretched cupboard doors!!!!!
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