Thursday morning

It is still pitch dark outside but it appears to have stopped raining for the moment.  It is extremely mild at 11 degrees but the wind is blowing quite strongly.  I was pleased with myself yesterday as I went out to the garage while it was still dark and sorted out the pheasants so that the carcasses could go out for the bin men - however I had foolishly ordered fish so now I have a smelly fish bin.  I ordered a big wodge of mussels. In fact I order them by the handful.  Shane the fishmonger has large hands so we had two of his big handfuls, I have no idea what that is in kilos but it was just right for lunch for Mike and I.  I find ordering fish by weight very difficult so I usually ask for the number of portions I require and leave it up to Shane to decide.  I also got some mackerel fillets, which I love plain pan fried with some gremolata in the centre where the pin bones have been removed.  I made soup with the pheasant legs and the breasts I batted out and stuffed and then poached.  They look like dumpy sausages now and I will either have to make some sort of sauce for them or perhaps egg and breadcrumb them.  When there was a lull in the rain I shot out and cleaned out the hens and got them fed and watered but sadly the dogs were reduced to an indoor training session.
Today I am going to make a pot of lentil soup which should be enough for lunch and some to freeze and if the weather stays dry I may even get out with the dogs for a bit of a run.  Well actually they do the running I just meander along behind...  I have been feeling particularly tired of late and what with the elbow and the back playing up it make me feel pretty fed up, I could do with a good dose of sunshine to brighten my mood. January is such a hard month especially with the anticlimax after all the excitement of Christmas and the new year the suddenly nothing but dull wet and dark days....
Thanks for the information on the film Anne I will remember to take some tissues with me when I get round to seeing it.  I hope your Italian course goes well and that you enjoy it then take yourself to Italy for some practice....
Well that's about it for today not much is happening and my spring cleaning is at a stand still to give the elbow time to heal....
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