Thursday morning

After several abortive attempts to type on the blog site I have resorted to Word and will cut and paste once the site seems to be up and running again.  Yesterday the shooting went well, it is very strange shooting with the new stock on the gun but I was not unhappy with my attempts.  We were so lucky with the weather it was glorious sunshine for most of the morning and the rain didn’t make itself known until later in the afternoon.  The club car park was full when I arrived and it seemed that everyone had decided to go shooting that morning.  However, as luck would have it every stand we went to only had a couple of people left to shoot and some were vacant which meant we got round very easily and quickly.  The drive back was a bit painful as my feet had got very cold in my wellies and as they warmed up I got cramp in my accelerator foot – not to be recommended.   If the weather is kind I would quite like to go shooting on my own on Sunday which is competition day but I would just be interested in shooting for the practice.  The great thing about a competition shoot is that you can choose to hand in your card and therefore enter the competition or you can just go home with it in your pocket.  Sadly I made a bit of an error, when I arrived I was so hungry not having had any breakfast [bad person] my stomach was rumbling loudly so I decided to have a sausage sandwich which was absolutely delicious but made with doorsteps of bread.  This meant when we got home to our lovely cottage pie I was not at all interested and still full.  Fortunately the men were hungry so they did it justice and the dogs were not unhappy to help me with my portion.
Today the wonderful Jane is due and much needed as I have been preoccupied with my cupboard turning out and cleaning the rest of the house has gone to the dogs.  I found a piece of rump steak in the bottom of the freezer so that will do for lunch, probably as a steak sandwich.  For dinner we are going to share one of the many and various pies with some Swiss chard.  
Our bins are due out today so I had better not forget to get them out.  Mike put the garden waste wheelie bin out yesterday so it is only the land fill rubbish which amounts to just half a bag.  I did run round the garden yesterday and sort out the dog poo so that at least is one good job done.  I am in Basso’s bad books having gone out with my gun but left him behind.  Fortunately dogs don’t hold grudges so today I will be back in favour and if the rain holds off perhaps we can get a training session in.
Looking at yesterday’s photo of my pulse cupboard I have decided that a list of the contents on the door would be a shrewd idea as I can never remember where each item is and frequently have to go through the whole cupboard in search of an ingredient.  This will mean that I will have to be tidy and put things back where they belong or the whole system will go belly up.
Well that’s it for today time to go and simmer the candied peel [this is day three I think] and make a start on today’s cupboard but not before a second cup of coffee........
Hallelujah success at last!!! 

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