Sunday morning

First many thanks for the good wishes - however my fears were not groundless and I am sorry to say that at lunch time with 2 drives to go I decided discretion was the better part of valour and packed it in.  I had survived 6 drives and must have walked a million miles.  The main difficulty is keeping up the pace with the men and lugging the gun, cartridge bag and a beating stick across acres of wet ploughed fields.  I had climbed onto flat bed trucks and once rode on the tail gate, but we were not transported very close so there was still a fair old walk. I had been allocated one of the regular guns as a mentor and he was really most encouraging and helpful.  I did however shoot one partridge at the beginning of a drive which fell in some woodland but with not pickers up by the time the drive was over there was no chance of finding it.  I then had one pheasant which I missed and that was the lot for the morning so really pretty boring from a shooting perspective.  By lunch time there were just 4 pheasants shot so no one was having a good day.  I don't know what the total bag was as I was not there at the end.  Anyway, I now know this is not my thing and while I love working with the dog this is not my kind of shooting.  I bid farewell to everyone and hoped to see them next season and was thanked for all my assistance with the dogs so then it was home where I collapsed in a heap.  Mike put plasters on my blistered feet and after having one of the fish pies with some peas I dumped all my equipment and went and crashed out in bed.
Interestingly Basso when over every inch of me with his nose checking where I had been and who with and I am sure he knew I had been unfaithful with some of the beaters dogs!!!!  It is a good job that dogs don't hold grudges and this morning all is forgiven and I am his best friend.
Today I have every intention of being a lazy slob - I may get round to taking some of the mud off a few items.  I have yesterdays crossword puzzle to do and as for lunch well I think I will throw some skirt and onions in the slow cooker then chuck some dumplings on the top and call it quits.  Supper will be scrambled eggs on toast.  Actually I am surprised that I am not stiff this morning but I am very tired still so I am going to take it really easy today and tomorrow as I have another big day on Tuesday.  Have a good day all it is still perishing here at just one degree.............

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