Sunday morning

Yesterday was a day of effort as I felt so sluggish but I am pleased to say that it paid off and as the day wore on so I felt better.  I took the dogs for a nice run in a howling gale, they particularly like windy weather, I suppose the smells get all mixed up and are very exciting.  I must admit of all the adverse weather conditions windy is my favourite too it is certainly better than lashing rain.  For lunch I had some pheasant soup left so I made a loaf of soda bread to have with it.  I absolutely love soda bread and don't know why I don't make it more often it is so easy and lasts well, at least it would if we didn't eat it so quickly.  For dinner we had some ox tail which I had stewed and completely degreased so it was relatively light and was good with mashed potato and parsnip.
Ray the painter rang and we are booked in for Monday the 24th which means by February we will be all ship shape and Bristol fashion so I had better press on with the spring cleaning and to hell with the tennis elbow.  The more I think about it the more I am certain it was the Wii bowling that caused the problem in the first place.
Today Shiona is coming over with her gun in the car and we can make the decision as to whether to go shooting once she has arrived.  The weather is so volatile at the moment it is difficult to plan in advance.  We might just end up taking all 5 dogs for a good run and play on the Wii for a while.  For lunch I have a chicken which I think I will simply roast with assorted vegetables.  I think I will brine it first and may put flavoured butter under the skin if I can be bothered to undress it.  The vegetables can all go on a tray and be roasted alongside. If we decide to go shooting it will be down to Mike to put it all in the oven at the requisite times so I will have to leave him a time plan.  I suppose at a pinch I could set the automatic timer on the oven but I would need the manual as I have never used it.

Cheap and cheerful chrysanthemums for Tesco which last for ages.  Photograph would have been better taken in day light but we are still in the pitch dark.  Have a good Sunday all.....

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