Sunday morning

Newly rebuilt stock
For those of you who have followed my gun story this is the new stock on my gun which is made of three separate pieces of wood but is so beautifully finished that you cannot believe it.  Anyway I am thrilled skinny with it and it fits me like a glove so now all I have to do is some practice shooting it which I have arranged for Wednesday.
Yesterdays pork extravaganza went well and I feel that brining the pork made a tremendous difference to the moisture of the meat.  I cooked it slowly at 160 which meant that the crackling was very soft so when I took the meat out to rest I took the skin off and returned it to a 230 oven and it was the most fabulous crackling ever.  Even those with dentures could manage it as it shattered on impact...Once I had cleared up and got the dishwasher on I went off to bed for a rest while the other four played bridge.  Mary brought me a cup of tea when they had finished around 4pm with the good news that the ladies had thrashed the men who were rather subdued!!!  Len and Margaret left at around 5.30 and we all decided that none of us felt much like supper so at about 7pm  Mary had a cold pork sandwich Mike had a slice of cake and I had a bit of left over chicken form the day before.  There did not seem to be anything worth watching on the TV so we did a crossword puzzle instead and then after cups of hot chocolate everyone retired to their beds.
Mary is due to leave this morning and is calling in on her son for lunch on her way back to Bath so hopefully the weather will be good for driving.  I will have a slow pottering day clearing up the debris from yesterday I have quite a bit of left overs so they will need to be sorted out and put in the freezer.  Hopefully by tomorrow we should be back to normal and I can start to plan our reduction diet!!!!  I have a cottage pie in the freezer for Wednesday after shooting and on Saturday I am off to the local shoot picking up with Basso who I hope is in better shape than I am.  I have managed to slot in a bit of practice with him here and there and he is picking up well but we will have to see how he reacts to the birds which are a bit of a different matter from dummies.  I am also hoping to get a days rough shooting in before the season ends in February.  Then it will be a summer of intensive training in preparation for October when the new season starts.
Still no sign of the Nintendo but I am hopeful it will arrive tomorrow so I will have plenty of fun setting the thing up.
As yet we have no plans for the forthcoming year but I dare say they will emerge as time passes and the weather improves.  Let's hope it is going to be a good summer with lots of sun and not too much heat and just enough rain to keep the garden watered.
OK coffee number 2 and the dishwasher to empty - here we go again!!!!!!


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