Sunday and the rain has stopped

Yesterday morning as we gathered at the shoot we wondered what we were doing, it was raining and blowing a force nine gale.  The conclusion was that we were just completely mad!!!!!  As we set off for the first drive Sandi and I decided to take my car as we didn't want to get soaked just getting there.  Well my 4x4 got stuck in the mud but fortunately I managed to get it on some fresh grass where I could get some traction and we were away.  The first drive was pretty disastrous one pheasant, one shot and one bird to bring back.  However the rest of the day gradually improved with less rain and more birds ending up with a bag of 85 which was the best of the season.  But now for the best news of all Basso was WONDERFUL he didn't eat anything and just fetched birds as directed.  I had one moments panic when we had a rusty 5 bar gate to climb over. Instead of jumping it Basso tried to climb it and then got a back foot stuck and was dangling head down on the other side.  Fortunately I was close and managed to extricate him however on the way back he was reluctant to get over the gate but finally jumped it with me yelling OVER and plenty of room to spare.  It is gratifying to see all the hours of training coming to fruition.  I was also relieve when someone else's dog shredded a pheasant so at least we are not the only ones with a black mark.
We arrived home at about 4.30 happy and exhausted covered in mud from head to foot .  Basso handed in his £10 for his "leg over" fund, was given a nice big supper and then collapsed in his bed satisfied with a good days work.  I hung the two pheasants in the garage then demolished a takeaway curry and collapsed into bed and slept from 8pm through to 4am which by my reckoning is 8 hours sleep - unheard off!!!!  What a good start to the new year......
This morning will be devoted to a bit of mud removal then I am going to take myself off to a clay shoot to practice with my gun. I think Basso will be quite content to stay at home with Mike and sleep....  I have suddenly developed raging tennis elbow in my right arm so I hope it will not make shooting too painful but I am on a high so I am not going to let it stand in my way.
OK time for a second cup of coffee and start tackling the mud!!!!! Hope you all have as good a weekend as I am having....

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