Saturday morning

Oh boy, it is hosing down and blowing a gale now what could I do today? - I know, I think I will go and trudge about in fields and watch pheasants get shot!!!!!!  Fortunately the weather forecast has shown that this rain should have passed over by about 9am and the rest of the day will be fine.  Let's hope they have got it right or I am going to be not only muddy but very wet as well.  I must admit I feel like this like a hole in the head!!!!!
Yesterday passed well with the expected parcels arriving on time.  Mike shot out and did some shopping and I busied myself in the kitchen and I also did my time on the Wii.  It would appear that I am completely mal-coordinated and my balance is so poor it is a wonder I can remain vertical.  I had decided to try some of the balance exercises which include slalom skiing and ski jumping.  Now the ski jumping was by far my best and I managed to get the hang of that quite quickly.  It all takes a bit of getting used to but I will persevere with it as I can only improve.  Today, I will give it a miss as I will be getting quite enough exercise on the shoot - I will also abandon my cupboard cleaning for the weekend and start again either tomorrow or Monday.  There is a possibility that I might go shooting tomorrow if I am not too worn out from today's extravaganza.  Mike will be left to do the chickens today and I have left him a lunch of goulash with bubble and squeak and roasted roots which should keep him out of mischief.  I found this on the net which gives a very good idea of what is involved in the days shoot but I must warn you it shows pheasants being killed so if you are squeamish don't watch.

Well it is time that I went and made my sandwiches and flask and got Basso fed.  I must admit I am nervous about him but hoping that all the training I have put it will come good today and he will perform well and not disgrace us.  There is only one more shoot after this then it will be beaters day when I will get to shoot myself.  Although it is quite hard work I must admit it does entertain us through January which is such a dull month after all the hype of Christmas.
Wish us luck.........
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