Saturday morning and windy and wet

I spoke too soon yesterday the dry patch lasted only a short time then it was continuous rain for hours.  We set off for our lunch/shopping trip at about 10 and after coffee with Len and Margaret we headed for the fabric shop.  It is a fairly huge place and we had a good mooch around and then got on with selecting the oil cloth for the table finally settling on a green gingham.  I also found some cheap cushions which will replace the ones in the front room which have had their corners chewed by certain small animals!!! Namely Nip and Tuc with a little help from Basso.

Anyway purchases completed we headed back to the car in a deluge.  We then made our way to the Italian restaurant only to find that it had gone out of business and was all shuttered.  What a pity is was a nice place to eat!!!  Anyway we had a quick discussion and decided to hit our favourite pub and have lunch there.  I decided to have the scallops with bacon and black pudding as a starter and their home made burger as main.  Well the portions are huge and I couldn't finish my burger - the others found themselves in the same boat so a doggy bag was organised and my boys had a super lunch on the left overs.  We dropped Len and Margaret off at home and made our way back arriving home at about 3.30 by which time I felt terrible.  I had over indulged and was going to pay the price!!!  Feeling very sleepy I took to my bed with a Thermos of tea and a litre of fizzy water and there I stayed until this morning wishing I had not been so stupid.  I did make one foray down stairs at about 10.30 when I remembered that the ox tail stew was still in the slow cooker and needed to be switched off.  I drained the meat and set the gravy aside to cool so that I can degrease it this morning.

When I woke I felt about 100 years old, stiff from being in bed for so long and ashamed of my own stupidity.  I think a bracing walk, no matter what the weather, is called for this morning and a day of gentle eating - the kippers that I had planned for breakfast will be deferred in favour of something much lighter like a poached/boiled egg.  Lunch will be some pheasant soup that I have in the fridge and dinner will be beans on toast which should see the poor old guts settle down.  The chicken I was going to roast today will be postponed until tomorrow which could prove difficult if I am going shooting but I dare say I will find a way to work it out.  What a saga of self inflicted injury and feeling grotty today serves me right!!!!!  Thank goodness there is no shoot today or I would be in real trouble at least I can stay at home and lick my wounds....

There is one light at the end of the tunnel - the seed catalogues arrived yesterday so I can spend some very happy hours deciding what I am going to plant this year in the vegetable garden.  I have given up  bedding plants as they represent too much work but I can seldom resist a couple of pots of something colourful.  Last autumn I took loads of bulbs from various tubs and amalgamated them all into two troughs outside the kitchen window - they are just beginning to show their noses above the soil and I can't wait to see what sort of display they make.  It should be a nice surprise as I can't remember what I planted!!!  It is a bit too early to move the hens from the green house as I am sure that this mild weather will not last and we will probably have another cold snap before the spring really arrives.  However I could start making their run a bit better organised in anticipation.  Once they are moved out I will have a mammoth job to clean the greenhouse which is a real mess with a fine layer of earth dusted over everything including the windows.

I think stepping on the Wii this morning will show up my misdemeanour of yesterday but there is no escaping stupidity.  Have a good day all......
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