Saturday morning and bracing myself

Yesterday was a bit of silly day once I had done the kitchen floor and made preparations for lunch and supper done my allotted time on the Wii I sort of ran out of gas.  In an effort to shake myself back into life I decided to walk up to the post office and post a letter.  It was a good opportunity to give Basso some road training so off we set.  Can you believe it, no sooner were we out of the door than the heavens opened.  It wasn't rain but snow!!!! big wet flakes driven on a brisk wind so quite unpleasant and as we got back home so it stopped.  It is enough to make a person paranoid...  I was good and wet and thoroughly fed up!!!

Today is the day of the last picking up session for Basso so I am bracing myself for a day of clambering over fences and trudging across ploughed fields.  The biggest draw back for us ladies is that there are no "facilities" - it is a case of ducking behind a hedge if you are caught short.  So far I have managed to regulate my liquid intake and not had a problem.  I take a flask of tea with me which is saved for lunch, by which time I am in need of a drink.  I make sandwiches to take with me and eat one round for breakfast and the second round for lunch so as you can imagine I am ready to eat a "camel" by the time I come home. Today I thought I would get a couple of pies out of the freezer for supper not exactly diet food but I think I will have earned the extra calories. Next weeks shoot is the exciting one, no dog just my gun and lots of hope!!!  If I am not too "pole axed" after today I may take myself out shooting clays tomorrow just for the practice.  Anyway, lets hope today goes well and that Basso does his stuff in style it would be nice to finish the season on a high.

Well time to make the flask and sandwiches, ham and salad I think.  They have threatened showers for today so clothing is going to be a problem but my new heavy coat is shower-proof so I hope it will be sufficient to keep me  not only warm but dry so long as there isn't a deluge.  Have a good day all......
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