Monday morning and the start of another week

Basso brings home his prize

We had a little practice in the garden yesterday so Mike could see just how well he carries the birds and we got this quick snap of him delivering it.  This particular cock pheasant is going in the freezer to be used for training purposes.  It is a very thin one and not really worth eating so it will be no real loss.  The accompanying hen bird I gave to a very elderly neighbour who had expressed an interest in having a bird so now I think I have supplied everyone who has asked for some game. I took myself off shooting in the morning but I shot very badly and I think my tiredness was really showing. All the talk at the shoot was about the previous time when the police had closed the road.  Apparently there had been no less than six accidents including one in which a car had ploughed into the petrol station and demolished the pumps.  Fortunately this week there was no black ice but it was another of those very bitterly cold days with the Siberian wind blowing but at least this time I was prepared and wore a thick jumper under my coat and put my long johns under my trousers so I was not as cold a I was on Saturday.  Roger has arranged a days rough shooting on the 1st of February which is next Tuesday so Basso has plenty of time to recover and so do I.  Mike bless him had made great progress with taking down all the pictures and ornaments ready for the decorator so I have much less to do today than I had anticipated.  
My boots could use a good clean

I did wash them off in a puddle before I came home but I think a little more is necessary don't you?  If you saw the state of the car you would be appalled but hopefully the Albanians will give it an extra special do once I have stopped filling it with mud.
I have eaten rather well over the weekend so I am bit reticent to stand on the Wii this morning as I am sure my weight will have increased rather than decreased.  The tennis elbow is not cured but I seem to be over the very acute stage and I am trying to be good and not over use it.  However, having said that it was painful while I was shooting yesterday.  The last stand was a bogey and as I stood watching the others have a go several of the fairly good shots came away with a "smiley face" [Shooting slang for 0] so as I approached I was not very hopeful however my blushes were saved and I did at least get one of the six clays.  It is one of the things that has really impressed me about shooting.  If you shoot badly no one is critical but they try to offer helpful advice if they can see what you are doing wrong.  It is a very male orientated sport but they are very kind to ladies even if they make a complete mess of the shooting.  However, having shot so badly I am a bit more nervous of my chances on Saturday but John, the game keeper, has offered to take my under his wing and show me the ropes so I am confident that I shouldn't get into too much trouble.
Now time for a second cup of coffee and a bit of thought on what to do today after I have cleaned the boots and gun?

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