Monday morning and the start of another week

The weather here was windy but dry yesterday it didn't start to rain until later in the evening.  Shiona and her dogs arrived at about 10 and after cups of coffee and exchange of pleasantries and instructions to Mike for dealing with the chicken we set off to the shooting ground in Shiona's new car.  We were very surprised to see so many people there, it was fairly packed.  I started shooting really well but as the tennis elbow kicked in my scores dropped away which was very disappointing.  It seems that shooting really aggravates it badly and it is still very sore this morning.  I now have a decision to make whether to go and see the "quack" or the "osteoprat".  I think I will start with the doctor as he is not going to cost me a fortune.
We managed to shoot our round quite quickly and were back home in time to take the chicken out of the oven and and turn it up to brown off the roasted vegetables.  Shiona had not had a go on the Wii so that was the next thing we had a go at.  I must admit I left the bowling well alone as I was not interested in doing any more damage to my arm.  Then there there was the remainder of the general knowledge crossword puzzle to complete.  I had done all I could using just my brain so it was a case of wikipedia for the rest.  We never did get round to cleaning the guns so that will be one of my first jobs today.  We had some cold chicken and salad for supper and the carcass is in the pot as I write so there will be some stock and dog food once it has cooled down.
Now for a bit of a rant - I thought we would follow the 14 day diet from Activia [without the Activia which we don't eat] then as I read through the recipes I found the usual problem.  For example the recipe calls for a quarter of a cabbage so what are you supposed to do with the rest?  Cabbage never turns up again or perhaps a table spoon of red pesto and the rest you do what with?  Stick it in the fridge until it goes off or do you repeat the same recipe day after day until finished.  I won't bore you with the other items but the diet is riddled with them and as I see it encourages wastefulness.  Several dishes call for left over pasta and chicken - but you haven't had either pasta or chicken so where is it supposed to come from?  Not to mention stacks of stuff which is out of season and expensively flown in from a million miles away.  Fortunately I hope I am intelligent enough to work round the problems but I know there are those who are not as witness one of the comments "how do you poach an egg".  I can see people ending up with a fridge full of half an avocado, half a banana, half a tomato and multiple bottles and tins with one tablespoon used.  OK end of rant.  Fortunately I have enough knowledge to reduce my calorie intake without being so wasteful.  I did read one interesting piece of research that was done in the States where the volunteers were asked to make no changes to their diets except to eat an apple 20 minutes before each meal and were found to have lost an average of about a stone and half over the course of a year.  Is this appetite suppression or reduction of portions or perhaps a bit of both?
Now my plans for today - the chickens need a good clean out and there is a huge pile of laundry that needs doing, where does it all come from?  We must either be very dirty or very clean I can't make up my mind which - I hope it is very clean!!!  the dogs could use a good run so weather permitting that will be on my list.  I have some left over chicken which will do for lunch and a couple of noisette of lamb which I defrosted yesterday to try and cool down my elbow so I guess they will be for supper.  As I know how to poach and egg that will make a nice breakfast.
Have a good day all.....

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