Monday morning and late for me

Good morning all, I am up rather late this morning but I did have a jolly good sleep so no matter.  Yesterday I treated myself to a dressing gown day. First I got the skirt out of the freezer and got it into the slow cooker along with some onions and leeks.  I settled for potatoes and broccoli to accompany it.  Then I set to and did the crossword puzzle which required a bit of googling to complete but I did manage to finish it.  Mike had found a recipe for Goldie biscuits in the Telegraph magazine which he was keen for me to make.  So while the meat stewed that is what I did.  The recipe called for 12 tablespoons of melted butter, what a stupid way to measure butter! in the end I reckoned it must be around 6 ounces so that is what I melted and it turned out to be correct so a good guess.  Anyway the biscuits turned out very well and were really crisp as they contained plenty of cornflour.

 I then decided to make preparations for the left over stew as I knew there would be plenty for lunch and lots left over.  In the end I decided to pack the leftovers into foil boxes and top them with a lid of puff pastry.  As it turned out there was too much pastry so I then made a batch of palmier biscuits this time savoury rather than sweet.  I filled them with anchovy tomato and capers and sadly they got eaten the minute they were out of the oven.  Fortunately I didn't have too much left over pastry so there were only a few of them but they were delicious!!!! My only venture into the great outdoors was to the chickens who needed feeding and watering.  Mike had forgotten to bring back the eggs the day before so they were collected and washed and put in the rack.  I had had enough fresh air to last me a life time on Saturday!!!!  To my surprise my poor old body was not as stiff as I had anticipated and if anything it was my shoulders which were suffering the most.  Finally I gathered enough courage to tackle the boots which had half of Kent still attached.  I am going to need them again tomorrow for my day of rough shooting but at least this time it will be Basso who is going to do the major amount of running around.  We will spend the morning trying to find pheasants and then as the sun goes down we will no doubt do a bit of roost shooting of the pigeons.  I may well leave my gun at home and just settle for the morning of beating and picking up if we are lucky enough to get any birds.  I am a bit dubious as to how well my blistered heels will cope with all the walking so my wellies are coming with me in case I have to change to them.  My car resembles a department store with assorted items of clothing and many and various coat and hats to meet all types of weather.  I have promised Mike that after this week is over I will empty it of all the bits and pieces so that he can take it to the Albanians for a really good clean.

Today for lunch I have a turkey leg and thigh which I intend to roast then once we have dined on that I will put the remainder in a pot and make some soup which will do for lunch for Mike while I am out on Tuesday, supper that night will be a take away as I feel I will be shattered once again and not in the mood to start cooking.  It would be nice to celebrate the end of my first shooting season which has, on the whole, been a great success.
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