Monday morning again

Mary went home to Bath after breakfast and I set to and cleaned the ovens which have been working hard over the last couple of weeks.  I have managed to keep abreast of the washing over the holiday period but there is still a back log to deal with.  But it can wait a bit longer as Sandi is coming over to see me today and bringing her yellow Labrador bitch with her so Basso will be very pleased.  Little does he know this is not a social call but the idea is to do some serious training in anticipation of the shoot on Saturday where I hope he will perform well and put his little misdemeanour behind him.  There is not much of the season left and come the beginning of February it will all be over.  I have always though it strange when hunters claim that they are conserving wild life as it seems a contradiction in terms.  However, now that I understand the sport a bit better it all makes sense.  Here are the numbers so you can judge for yourself our shoot bred 1400 birds this season of those some 400 will be shot.  Of the remainder, the foxes will get a percentage but that still leaves some 900 birds free in the country side.  The national average for birds shot it only 33% considerably better odds than for a chicken!!!!
I have organised some shooting for Wednesday so I will be able to put my newly refurbished gun to the test.  I am not sure if Shiona will be back from Scotland but if she is I'm sure she will be happy to join us.  The weather forecast doesn't look too bad and as long as it is not raining we should be OK.

Looking at the kitchen it could use a really good clean so I think I may well start my spring cleaning with that and gradually work my way through the cupboards and draws.  The garden looks terrible after all the snow and there are loads of nasty wet leaves everywhere which is going to take a bit of work to tidy up.  The 2 fuchsias in the front of the house are just bunches of dead sticks which could be pruned back to make it a bit tidier.  We lost about 10 fish in the end and believe it or not there is still ice on the pond.  The chickens got a good clean out for new year but the ungrateful birds have scattered their bedding all over the place - I don't know why I bother!!!!  they are still laying which given the hours of day light is pretty good though we don't get a full quota of eggs each day we do get some.  For the first time this year I actually bought a dozen eggs over Christmas but I had given away 2 dozen so that is forgiveable.

Tonight for super we are going to have an Italian traditional new year dish of lentils and cotechino with polenta.  It is one of my favourite dishes and is my treat to round off the holiday season and the last of the indulgences.  You may not thing that polenta is much of an indulgence but if you saw the amount of butter and parmesan that gets beaten in you would understand.  Lunch will be just a cold pork and pickle sandwich which will keep us going ....

Well that's it for today I am off for my second coffee and to make a start on one of the cupboards....
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