Monday and the start of another week

Yesterday morning I busied myself with getting the mud of my various bits of kit and also one very muddy dog who for once let me groom him without too much fuss, I think he was just to knackered to care!!!  Then it was getting ready to go shooting which I set of for at about 9 am and drove pretty gingerly as it was very icy.  Twice en route I lost the back end a little but finally made the foot of the hill where the shoot is held only to find the road coned off.  Just at that moment the radio cut in with a traffic report to say that there had been an accident on the hill and it was shut - not to mention several other accidents in the neighbourhood so it was a complete circuit of the roundabout and back home taking great care on the slippery surface.  When I got back I contacted Roger who I was shooting with but he too had not made it through so we have decided that we will take ourselves to West Kent shooting school on Tuesday instead.  I was disappointed but at the same time relieved as it was so cold I was bundled up like a Michelin man and not too sure I could have shot anyway...
Lunch was an easy affair just some toast and pate.  The pate was one I had made some time ago with a plethora of game I had in the freezer and was labelled "game set and match".  That accomplished I decided on an afternoon of indolence and slumped on my bed and watched rubbish on TV.  However I did practice the exercises for my tennis elbow - which seem to have made a big difference.  I found what to do on the internet in a short film on You tube by some American doctor trying to sell his magic ball but the exercises work well without, either that or a days rest has made the difference.
I then decided to give the Wii a go and spent some time showing Mike what is available by way of exercise and demonstrated my skill at ski jumping.  It is nice to do something so outlandish and still get some benefit from the exercise.  You can also set a goal of how many calories you want to burn and it will keep a check for you.  Today I fancy a go at hoola hoop which I used to be quite good at when I was much younger...There are so many things to do that I think it will keep my interest for some time but we will have to see.  The balance board also weighs you so you get a read out on how your weight is going.
Supper was the last of the turkey broth with some pastina and parmesan cheese and a banana so fairly light.

Today I should get on with my cupboard cleaning but I am going to take it gently as I think that is how I got the tennis elbow in the first place.  It is frustrating to go so slowly at the job but the pain in the elbow is a firm reminder not to over do things.  I also need to phone and book an appointment for Basso to have his coat stripped in late February once the season is finished and he can manage without the protection of his big woolly jacket.  The other two dogs are easier as they can have the clippers run over them and take much less effort.  I also need to spend some time cleaning out the hens who are still in the green house and flourishing in the warm environment.
For lunch we have some soup that I made with a tray of roasted roots which contained lots of beetroot so it is a brilliant red colour but tastes rather nice as I made it with some rabbit stock I had lurking around in the freezer then for supper we will make some inroads into the stack of pies.  I have the choice of rabbit, pheasant, turkey, chicken, cottage, or shepherds.  As yet I am undecided which to go for but no doubt all will come clear later.
Well that is the plan of campaign for the day hope you have a good day and do be careful if it is icy where you are....

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