Friday morning

This is what a completely clear conscience looks like.  It is remarkable how he can make himself into such a small bundle.

Yesterday went according to plan and I managed to get some of the kitchen cupboards cleaned not to mention the skirting board which was really dirty - while I was on my hands and knees I cleaned the kitchen floor as well.  It has ceramic tiles but the grouting gets pretty rotten over time and requires a scrub with a scrubbing brush.  With regard to my elbow I did as much as I could with my left hand and called it quits when half was done.  Today I can tackle the second half and the cupboards on the other side.  I find this very frustrating but it seems to be doing the trick.  I have also put a piece of strapping around my arm just below the elbow to give the tendons a bit of support.

It was a very pleasant day cold but sunny so we went off to Dartford for a bit of skeet shooting but I only shot 50 instead of the usual 100 then it was home and gun cleaning and lunch.  I shot really well on stands one and seven but made a hash of the interim stands - more practice needed I think.  I may even venture a lesson if funds will allow.

Ray the decorator rang to say he had hit a problem and will not be able to start our work until Tuesday which is of no real importance as one day is much the same as the next. He always brings us doughnuts so they will need to be factored into the diet plan.  I am hoping that while I am out at the shoot on Saturday Mike will spend some time taking down the pictures.  I can then clean them before they are rehung.  We have organised Jane to come on Thursday by which time the decorating should be all but finished.  Currently the dust in the dining room is epic but it seems a little pointless dusting it now so I will reserve that nice little number for after the decorating is done.

I spent my regulation time on the Wii and had a go at jogging for the first time which was much easier than I thought it was going to be. I love the way it counts the calories you have burned which makes for a very nice incentive.  Mike was also delighted to see that he had lost weight so the diet is working nothing dramatic but a steady decrease now if only I could get him to move about a bit more things would go a bit quicker.

Today my priority is to get the dogs out for a decent run as I don't want Basso too full of energy on Saturday.  We did have an invitation to go rough shooting today but I turned it down as I feel I need to reserve my energy for Saturday.  Instead we have tentatively booked the first of February which is the last day of the hunting season.  Roger thinks there are loads of pheasants on the farm and he really needs a dog to hunt them out so Basso is really the one who has been invited I am just there to hold the other end of the lead!!!!

My next two pheasants are spoken for as Mike has offered them to the Albanians who cleaned the car of all the mud..  I think it is a bit pointless to clean it before the season is finished but I guess it just got too much for Mike!!!  However this should ensure an extra special clean once we are done.  As it stands they only charge us a tenner and it is a pretty huge car.

Well that's about it for this morning time to get on with floor scrubbing - Oh goody goody!!!!!

I hope you agree it looks good now!!!!

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