Friday morning

Yesterday was a bit of a write off in terms of weather it poured with rain the whole day - the only consolation is that it was rain not snow but the ground is very muddy now and I think it will be terrible tomorrow for the shoot.  Basso gets absolutely filthy and I will have to hose him down before he can come in the house, this is not what I fancy doing when I come home tired and worn out.

Now for a bit of good news the long awaited Nintendo Wii turned up after lunch yesterday so instead of having a siesta which I really needed I set to and unpacked and set it up.  The unwrapping took quite some time as it is in boxes within boxes then more wrapping finally you are left with what seems to be 100 instruction manuals in thousands of languages.  Loads of wires and black plastic boxes of assorted sizes.  This is the moment when panic sets in and you wonder if you are ever going to be able to put it all together.  My first attempt was in the front room but the large TV is very difficult to operate and could I find the AV channel?  I went through every conceivable button on the remote and tried every menu I could find but stopped short of getting the TV manual out.  So I moved it all to the back room where the TV is more user friendly and set it up with no trouble at all.  Then it was a case of trying to learn how to use it - it is actually quite simple and has good on screen instructions.  We both got on the balance board and had a go at setting up our individual avatars so that today we will be able to do a work out each.  Mike is going for yoga which will be less stressful for him and I am as yet undecided how brave I am.  I don't want to kill myself as I am going to need all my strength for tomorrow if I am going to work the dog.  We both had a go at bowling which is good fun as is the golf but you can forget the baseball and tennis we were absolute rubbish at both.
Jane came and worked her usual magic and I finished the laundry and now have a load of bedding that needs ironing.  For lunch we had a steak and onion sandwich which I made with the rump I found in the freezer.  It was as tough as old boots so the dogs did quite well.  My plans for supper were put on hold as I had a basil plant that was on the blink so I stripped it of its leaves and made some pesto which we had with pasta for supper.  Today the menu is for a sea food risotto for lunch and boiled eggs for supper so not much work involved there. I do need to make some sandwiches for tomorrow and I am going for egg and tomato one of my favourites.  I am continuing to boil up the peel each morning and then let it stand for the rest of the day.  I think I will continue for a while so that when I eventually dry it out it should last well.  Apparently the more boils it gets the longer it lasts.

I was up at stupid o'clock this morning but it is my own fault I was sound asleep by 9 despite wanting to watch the program on the brain on BBC4 - however, all is not lost, I have recorded it so I can watch it later then there is always the iPlayer where I can retrieve it.  Isn't technology wonderful!!!!  Now before I get carried away I must clean out my daily kitchen cupboard to keep my spring cleaning on track.

Have a good day and I hope you are not hit by the forecast snow falls where you are.  We are hopefully going to miss them being in the very south east corner of the country.

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