Friday morning and not raining

This makes a pleasant change for it to be dry but who knows how long it will last.  It is extremely mild with a bit of wind but nothing to right home about.  I took the dogs for a walk yesterday with the intention of getting Basso to retrieve from water.  However he was totally turned off and would have nothing to do with the dummies.  I think it is the location that is the problem as this is the area where he just has a walk and does his own thing.  Still it was disappointing that he would not cooperate given that I had lugged the bag full of dummies for the whole walk.  On the way back we stopped off at the butcher and I restocked with some meat.  I bought a nice chicken for the weekend and a beautiful ox tail which will be made into a stew.  I also bought a nice piece of skirt which will need some long slow cooking but will be full of flavour.  I made the lentil soup for lunch but it was so good that there was none left to freeze.  The pheasant breasts we had for supper in a tomato sauce which was OK but the second two breasts I think I will wrap in streaky bacon and bake in the oven and see if that is a better option.

Today we are meeting up with our friends Len and Margaret and they are going to take us out to lunch at an Italian restaurant in Maidstone.  As we are going to pass the shop that sells oil cloth we are going to look for a new tablecloth.  The current one is show signs of wear and tear at the corners so it will be demoted to a cover for the chicken run before finally being disposed of.

We had a reshuffle of bank accounts just before Christmas as our local branch at the top of the road was closing.  Finally yesterday I received the card reader so that I can access the account and sort out the various standing orders and direct debits from the comfort of my arm chair.  Everything seems to take ages when using the "snail mail" I suppose it is only  a month and there was a holiday in the middle but it seems like forever.

I have had a bit of a rethink about the tennis elbow and decided that perhaps it was not the cupboard cleaning that is to blame but in fact the bowling on the Wii.  After all I clean and wipe down all day every day and have never had a problem but I don't play bowling.  I think I will stick to other things for the time being and give the bowling a miss for a while.

There is no shoot this weekend so Basso has the weekend off but he will need to be on good form next weekend as it is the last session of picking up for him for the season.  I am hoping to get in some practice shooting over the weekend.  It is our clay shoot down in Dover but that is a long way to go if the weather is so unsettled so I will only go to Dartford which is cheaper and closer to home if it turns out to be wet.  Mike is itching to get the car cleaned but I have told him there is no point until the shooting season is over and I will no longer be filling it with muddy dogs and dead birds.  I must admit the inside is a disgrace and is doubling as a wardrobe with all the boots, wet weather gear, warm hats and gloves etc littered all over the back seat.  Come February it can all be removed washed and put away for next season and the car can go to the Albanians for a good clean. To clarify we have a group of Albanians who have set up a car cleaning business and they do a fantastic job at a very reasonable price so we are very happy for them to clean the car both inside and outside.  It is not quite a valeting service but a very thorough job and takes no time at all as there are so many of them who descend on the car like an army of ants.
Well that's about it for this morning I think I will do a bit of ski jumping with my next cup of coffee!!!!!

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