Friday and freezing

It is very cold again this morning though I still don't have my thermometer installed by the temperature of the dogs coat it seems pretty cold to me.  He is always the first out for a patrol of the garden then he comes to me for a stroke if he is wet I know it is raining!!!!  The two older dogs stay cuddled by the radiator so they are no good as weather detectors.  Yesterday was a day of gradually reassembling the dining room and trying to make sure that everything I put back has been thoroughly cleaned.  The dish washer ran several times with all the china from the welsh dresser and other bits and pieced.  Jane worked her magic with the hoover so we are almost back to normal.  There are still a few pictures that need some attention before being rehung and one more load to go through the dishwasher.  The washing machine was also in action as was the tumble dryer so at least we have some clean clothes to wear.  Once Jane had finished we shot out to the shops to buy a few bit and pieces and then on to the butcher for some mince so that I could make the meat balls for today. Needless to say I bought more than just mince.  He had some of the lovely skirt so that was irresistible we also got a couple of duck breasts and some sweetbreads and a nice turkey leg and thigh.  I am going to be busy for the next few days but once I have a bit of time I will have plenty to occupy my cooking gene.  We combined this expedition with a dog walk which I kept a little short so that they didn't go paddling I just couldn't face filthy dogs as well.
We were down by the estuary and it was extremely cold with the tide right out and all the mud exposed though not as windy as it can be.
Today Len and Margaret are coming for lunch and then we are off to the cinema at 2.45 so that will take up most of the day.  The meat balls are made so now all I need to do is to make some tomato sauce, boil a bit of pasta and dress some lettuce - not too taxing.  I seldom if ever do deserts for a lunch menu purely because they are not my favourite thing to make.  I am also trying to reserve a bit of spare energy for tomorrow which is going to be a hard and cold day in the field shooting.  I must admit to being very apprehensive about it all, intellectually I know I will be fine but psychologically I am pretty scared which saps your energy pretty quickly.  I will be happy if I come away without having shot anyone or made a total chump of myself.  The one thing I will do is make sure I have all the warmest clothing possible as I really don't want to freeze like last time.
Well that's about it for today time for a bit of ironing and more coffee then on with the cleaning and lunch preparations.  Have a good day all and try to stay warm!!!!!

p.s. I have been using the tenease thing three times a day as instructed and without wishing to speak too soon the elbow seems to be almost back to normal.  fingers crossed!!!!
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