I really do need some wellies!!!

Yesterday the snow fell continuously all day, not heavily but constantly, however it made no significant impact on the 4 inches we already had.  Over night we don't seem to have had any more but apparently it is Thursday that we are due for another dousing.  I must own up to playing snow balls with the dogs on my way to the chickens and while Nip thought it was great fun Basso just looked at me in dismay and didn't see the joke.  My good intentions of clearing out my wardrobe came to nothing but I didn't waste my time I sat and wrote all the Christmas cards.  Now do you believe in telepathy?  while writing the cards I came to some friends who live in France but I know that they have moved and don't have their new address so I would have to send them an E mail instead.  Then when I checked the mail on the iPad there was a letter and some lovely photos of their new house - still no address mind you.
The wonderful Jane rang to say she was not happy to drive her car in the snow and was thinking of walking so I suggested she forget the whole thing and stay in the warm.  After all no one ever died of a dirty house!!!  My vegetable delivery made it through so we had our tray of roasted roots with the lamb for lunch.  The main roads are clear but it is the side roads that are a bit dodgy.  I had some mushrooms that were on the blink so I made another pheasant pie filling with a little cream and some onions and bacon.  It can now sit in the freezer until needed and the mushrooms didn't go to waste.
Today, being the first of the month, pinch punch and all that, I have submitted my meter readings and for the first time ever the electricity meter reading is down by about a third.  Given the time of year and that the panels were only installed partway through the month I am delighted.  I am still awaiting the final documentation so that I can submit all the forms to the gas board but once that is done we will then be on the payroll.
I have no real plans for today so I may yet get the wardrobe done - the bins are all lined up in the garage ready to go out.  We don't put them out over night as the local cats/foxes/magpies rip the bags to shreds by morning and make a terrible mess.  On today's menu there are a couple of nice pork chops which we will have with some Russian kale then for supper we are going to have bubble and squeak made with brussel sprouts and a fried egg.  I am going to give my orange peel its last boil today then it will be left out to dry until tomorrow when I will do the chocolate bit.  Fingers crossed  it turns out ok.  I also have plans to make some soaps for friends for Christmas so I may well get on with that task but we will have to see how the time goes.
Hope you are keeping warm in this cold weather and are getting some enjoyment from the picturesque scenery.......
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