Wednesday morning

What a change in the weather it is +7.2 this morning and the last of the snow is melting fast.  Yesterday was very murky with thick mist and not a glimmer of the sun and today looks very similar.  Owing to the holidays our bin collection will be one day late so I will have to remember to put the stuff out tonight or very early tomorrow morning.  The bins contain 6 large gold fish and a huge mirror carp which have all died due to the cold weather.  This is no tragedy as we were over stocked with fish as they keep breeding but I was sad to see the 4lb mirror carp go.

I had a quick trawl around Tesco yesterday and was struck by just how miserable everyone looked there was not a smile anywhere the women looked harassed and worn out and the men looked hung over.  Of course this is not a sweeping generalisation but a carefully studied observation!!!!  I bought a nice big slab of leg of pork which should roast up well.  I would have preferred loin but they had removed all the skin so no crackling which would not have been popular in this house.  This morning I have a goulash to make and also the lemon cake and tomorrow I will make a trout quiche which will be an easy lunch for when Mary arrives - she intends to leave Bath at about 9am so should be with us around 12 all being well.

I got stuck into the laundry yesterday and stripped and washed the sheets from the guest bed room only to find that I had left one pillow case behind which I didn't notice until I was ironing the stuff ready to go back isn't that infuriating!!!  With any luck my new pillow cases should arrive today so I will no doubt put them through the machine with the rogue pillow case that escaped yesterday.

One of my neighbours asked me to do her a favour and hold on to a set of her house keys they were off to Nottingham and their eldest daughter age 16 was going to stay at home but had gone out and left her keys behind.  She was due to call for them at around 5pm which was not problem until she didn't turn up and we started to worry.  We didn't have anyone's phone number so there was nothing we could do but sit and wait.  She eventually bowled up at 8.30 cool as a cucumber to collect the keys and we were mighty relieved.  What on earth would we have done if she had not come back!!!  It doesn't bear thinking about.  Of course our heads were filled with the news of the girl who was murdered in Bristol which didn't add to our calmness.  I must admit that though sons can be a pain daughters are some how a bigger worry.

The wonderful Jane is due tomorrow so the house will get a bit of a birthday before Mary arrives and if I have got all the cooking done today I can give the kitchen a good clean.  Unlike the terriers Basso is no good as a hoover and the kitchen floor could use a bucket of water over it.  As an aid to training I have been giving Basso a small treat when he bring things to me [don't tell the gun dog trainers] so now he keeps bringing me his toys and anything else he can find which is a bit of a nuisance but I am not complaining it is all good practice.

OK that's my lot for this morning time to go and prepare the goulash and bake a cake......

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