Wednesday morning

The house is clean and the laundry is done - only the ironing to do, but that can wait, today I am off shooting.  Well at least I hope I am, the weather forecast is for more snow but as yet I have seen none.  It was due to snow in north Kent after midnight but we seem to have escaped so far.  Lunch for the shooting party is done in the form of a large chicken pie which just needs popping in the oven to reheat and cook the pastry.  Then I fished the second half of the lemon polenta cake out of the freezer and a small slice of that should round things off nicely.
I test drove my new wellie socks yesterday while I cleaned out the chickens.  There is still plenty of snow to wade through so my feet should have felt the cold but not a bit of it they were toasty and warm.  As I came back down the garden I noticed that the ice on the pond had all been smashed up and I wondered how it had happened.  Then I saw Nip!!!!  His back end was dripping wet, he had obviously tried to take a short cut across the pond but the ice wouldn't hold his weight and in he went.  Well at least now he should know he cannot walk on water, not that this will humble his superior attitude I'm sure.
For lunch I had a stew I had made earlier to which I added some dumplings - what a triumph.  I had forgotten how nice dumplings are.  Suffice to say that there was stew left for the dogs supper but not a morsel of dumpling.  Having had such a filling lunch I had some of the chicken broth left for supper to which I added a small amount of pastina and some tiny meat balls.  The meat balls were left over from the mixture I had made for having with spaghetti in a couple of days time.  I also prepared the mince and potatoes for Saturday as when I come back from the shoot I know I will be in no fit state to cook a meal.
Now be very impressed!!!  I wrapped the Xmas presents last night before retiring to bed.  No, I am not a saint but I think today will be the last occasion when I will see Jeff before Christmas so his gifts needed wrapping and as he will be seeing David and Jackie he can ferry their presents to them.  No one is getting anything bought for Xmas it is all home made bits and pieces.  Soaps and chocolates for the ladies and pate for the chaps.  Elaine's girls felt that I would give them eggs for Christmas so I will not disappoint them and that is eggsactly what they will get but I intend to hard boil half the eggs and set them the puzzle of sorting the fresh from the boiled without smashing the shells.  I have checked this out with Elaine and she is happy that they will not end up with raw egg all over the carpet on Christmas morning but will enjoy scramble on boxing day for breakfast.  The hard boiled can get lost in some salad over the holidays.  They will also be getting a hand made soap each to compensate...
Well that's it I can put if off no longer the iron is hot and time to get on with it......

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