Wednesday and only a few days to go

Nip got the hump yesterday when he discovered that he was not going to Len and Margaret for his Christmas holiday break!  He sat in the snow with his back to us and refused to come inside for ages.  As anticipated Jane was not going to make it, she did offer to walk with her son in tow but I told her not to bother.  However she may come another day if the weather improves.  In the mean time I got on with what needed to be done.  I dug the paths out again but it was much easier this time as the temperature was up and the snow had not frozen hard.  No sooner than I had cleared it all than it began to rain so perhaps it was a bit of wasted effort.  I then got all the beds changed and the sheets into the washing machine so as you can imagine the house looks like a Chinese laundry this morning and I will be doing a mountain of ironing to get it cleared and out of the way.
For lunch I had made some breaded chicken and for supper we had bubble and squeak to which I added not only fried onions but chopped crispy bacon.  This was a definite improvement and we both tucked in with pleasure.  Today I am going to make a trout quiche which we will have with either salad  or broccoli and probable save a slice for supper.  It is a bit of a limbo day as it is too soon to make some preparations but while I have the pastry on the go I will make the mince pies.  I must own up to being very lazy and using bought mince meat but it will get a bit of brandy and lemon zest added just to liven it up.

David my brother in law rang to say his wife Jackie was ill in bed - now she is a real hero and doesn't take to her bed except in extreme circumstances.  They are due to have a large family gathering for the holidays and have even borrowed a blow up bed as they will be bursting at the seams.  He was looking for advise on a] her condition and b] what to do about the guests.  She was not displaying any significant symptoms so I advised rest, paracetamol and plenty of liquids in case she was coming down with flu.  As far as the guests were concerned if she was not up and running by this morning I suggested that he ring and cancel/postpone earlier rather than later to give them a chance to make alternative arrangements.  Jackie would not cancel unless she was admitted to hospital and would struggle on regardless.  I rang them at about 5pm and she had just surfaced having slept the entire day, not a good sign, but she may have slept off the worst of what would seem to be a viral infection.  Lets hope so as I'm sure there will be great disappointment all round if they have to cancel.  Just to add insult to injury it looks like they are in for a big dousing of snow so it may be the weather that scuppers their plans in the end.  For a change our weather forecast looks good with rising temperatures and rain rather than snow.

Through this cold snap I have been keeping an eye on the pond which has been frozen solid so I have been melting a corner just to let the gasses escape but despite my best efforts we had a fatality yesterday and fishing the corpse out of the pond was no mean feat.  However, I am pleased to say that I managed to do this without falling in.  It is still a bit chilly for swimming!!!!

The gunsmith rang to let me know that my gun has had the stock altered but will still need some work and will not be ready until after Christmas.  Fortunately, I don't have to shoot the turkey so it should not be too much of a problem and I will be starting the new year with what to all intense and purposes be a new gun.

OK I can't put the ironing off any longer so onward and upward.......
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