Wednesday and bin day

Good morning folks, the temperature is dropping and we are only just above freezing. Yesterday went well and I managed to accomplish all the out door chores.  The 50 kilos of chicken feed seem to be heavier than the last time I shifted them or maybe I am just getting weaker.  Anyway they are all safely stowed in rat proof containers.  Unfortunately if I leave it in the sacks the rats nibble the bottoms and I have the feed all over the floor.  The hens accommodation was given a good clean out and their feed bowls washed and refilled.  They have new nesting material which they don't seem to appreciate and scatter far and wide however at least it provides some entertainment for them.  The garden has been cleaned of dog poo which is a task that I really don't like doing but as I have dogs it is my responsibility to clear up after them.  Several loads of laundry have been done and passed through the tumble dryer and are now ready for ironing however I still have a couple of loads to go today.
My plan of campaign today is to get the pheasants dealt with before the bin men arrive so that the feathers etc can go out and not be left hanging around for a week.  Then while the man is shampooing the carpets I can hibernate in the kitchen and make some pate.  This one will be with pheasant, pork and venison and once in the jars I can load up the oven.  This does free up a bit of space in the freezer and is always a good standby for a quick lunch or supper with plenty of hot toast.  It also makes nice gifts for people.  I have made a stock with the bones and that will be reduced down to a syrup to moisten the meat and the addition of some spices and either port or brandy should make a good mixture.
It seems to me that as fast as I get things out of the freezer so I add things back in - yesterdays veg box contained a big red cabbage which I have cooked Valentine Warner style and that will be put in the freezer to have with the roast pork come New Year when we will be five again.  I also have some pheasant pie filling which needs making into pies once I have made the pastry so if I have the time I may get round to doing that also.

Tomorrow we are off to the wonderful food emporium in Faversham to re-stock with coffee and assorted other goodies which means I will only have a few bits and pieces to buy come Christmas week when the shops will be hell.  For once I think I have got my planning sorted out rather well but it is still early day yet and there is still plenty of time for hiccups.  Now, just to show that I am not completely mad I am going to get dressed before braving the subzero garage and the pheasant plucking!!!!!!

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