At the moment we are above freezing but only just.  The weather forecast is not looking good at the end of the week so we are bracing ourselves for another dousing of snow.  I am up very late this morning as I didn't go to bed until late as James came down for supper and a sub towards his boiler repair which turned out to be relatively cheap.  I was dreading a complete replacement of the boiler but it was just some leaking pipework that needed fixing.  The microwave oven is a right off as that had shorted out and caught fire. That will no doubt be easily replaced in the January sales.  Fortunately I had had a bit of a cooking session and there was a large cottage pie ready which was enough for three so now I will have to have a look at my menu and rearrange it some what.
Today I have a few outdoor chores that need to be done before we get more snow so the chickens will get a good clean out and the garden is in need of a dog poo picking session. I also have 50kg of chicken food to move up to the end shed which will require the sack barrow.  I may well bring the gas fire down so that I can put it on while I am doing the pheasants and not freeze to death in the process.  Nip and Tuc have an invitation to go and stay with Len and Margaret for the week leading up to Christmas which they will enjoy but I need to make sure all their bedding is clean and pack their weekend bag for them. I usually measure out their food into individual bags so that it is easy for Margaret to feed them.   Basso will stay with us which gives me an opportunity to do some training with him.  He spent some time yesterday bringing me his rugby ball and presenting it.  Even though this can be a bit of a pain I have to be very pleased each time so that he learns that this is good thing to do and will always earn him brownie points.
Jane is due today so the kitchen floor should get a super wash and I will then go round the kick-boards and get them done.  I think I will hold off on the beds until next week so we can have clean sheets for Christmas.  The guest bed is already done so that is one less to deal with but it will need to be turned around before New Year for the next guests.  I have been wondering what to cook for new year and have decided that there are always lots of legs of pork going cheap in the supermarkets after Christmas so that will make a nice big joint to roast at a reasonable price.  I may even get one to salt and hang for Parma ham now that I feel competent to make it.
Tomorrow morning the carpets are due to be shampooed so some of the furniture needs moving out of the dining room as that is the carpet that is being done along with the hall carpet which takes a lot of traffic.  I also need to give the cushion covers in the lounge a quick pass through the washing machine as they have been liberally slobbered by my friend.  I find that I can put them straight back on the cushions from the washing machine and they dry in place over night.  I did this the first time as I was terrified they would shrink but all was well so that is now the way I always do it.
Well that's about it for today a bit boring but that's life.
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