Tuesday morning

No snow  but rain and 2.8 degrees so positively warm by comparison with the weather lately.  Yesterday was a day of clearing up so in that spirit I started by peeling and frying the onions, a whole big pan full as I was going to need them for everything.  In the end I made lots of cottage pies both individual and also one large 3 person pie.  I then tackled the turkey and made lots of pies with puff pastry tops.  We had the remaining stuffing with bubble and squeak and stuffed tomatoes for lunch.  James was then packed off with an assortment of 6 pies - rabbit, pheasant, chicken, turkey, cottage and shepherds, a large lump of blue cheese and half the fruit bowl and the remaining mince pies.  Which should keep him going for a while.  Last night for supper we just had a bowl of the wonderful turkey broth which for my money is the best bit of the turkey.  Today some of it will be used to make a nice plain risotto which will be nice and gentle on the stomach after all the indulgence of the holiday period.
I heard from one of my shooting friends that my gun should be ready one day this week so that will mean I will be able to organise some shooting in the new year.  James and I had a bit of a practice with Basso in the garden and sent him to fetch his dummy a couple of times and then we got his frozen pigeon out of the freezer and he retrieved that a couple of times with no problems and showing no interest in eating it so I am hoping that his indiscretion was a one off.  Without his brothers around he had the run of the house last night but chose to sleep in his crate as usual where I found him this morning.
Today is a bit of a nothing day I ran the table linen through the washing machine and so that will need ironing which will take some time as it is intricate stuff with crochet borders on the napkins.  Something I did in a moment of weakness!!! I also need to strip and turn around the guest bedroom ready for Mary who is arriving on Thursday.  I will also need to do some planning of menus and possibly a bit of shopping either today or tomorrow and I have planned to make one of the Nigella lemon polenta cakes to have for new years day.  I have a tub of red cabbage and one of apple sauce in the freezer to have with some roast pork which is what I intend for lunch on new years day when Len and Margaret are coming to bring back the dogs.
I had a ring around the family to check that all was well and with the exception of David and Jackie and Elaine and family everyone else survived the holidays well.  Both Jackie and Elaine sounded terrible on the phone and are really suffering Jackie is hoping to be well enough to have all her guests on Thursday and Elaine has managed to get some help with her ponies until she is back on her feet.  Mike is coughing well but I think that is just part and parcel of his emphysema and nothing out of the ordinary.
Touch wood I am fine if a little tired but that can soon be rectified.....
Have a good day all and I hope you too have missed the next round of snow.....
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