Tuesday morning

Yesterday turned out to be a cooking day, by the time I had dismantled the chickens and made a 3litre pot of stock I found I had enough meat left to make one large and two individual pies, so it was on with a cream mushroom and tarragon sauce.  While I was in the mood for pastry I also made a batch of mince pies but sadly they are somewhat deplete this morning so I guess another batch will be in order.  For lunch I made a tray of sticky chicken wings which we ate cold once Mike was back from having his hair cut.  He had stopped off at the animal food chandler and restocked us with 2 x 25 kilo bags of chicken food which I will have to carry up to the end shed some time today.  I would normally use the sack barrow but with the ice still on the ground it may have to wait a while.  Talking of animal food I picked over the bones from the stock and made supper and breakfast for the three dogs.  I made the cranberry sauce and got that into the freezer and by the time it came to supper I was all cooked out so it was scrambled eggs on toast hence the depletion of the mince pies!!!!  I also made and wrapped 6 bars of pale lilac frangipani soap which are gifts for various people.
Great joy the post man made it with my aubergine coloured wellie boot socks which should keep my feet toasty warm on Saturday. They are made by Hunter so fit the wellies beautifully.  I had intended to clear a path up to the chickens but in the end I ran out of both time and enthusiasm.  Perhaps today with my nice warm feet I may get the shovel out and make a start.

Jane is due today and as she didn't make it last week with the snow there is plenty of hoovering to keep her occupied.  I will also strip off the beds and get the sheets laundered - time for the tumble dryer me thinks and damn the expense!!!

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