Tuesday morning, deep and crisp and even!!!!

I have just had a peek outside and all the nice clear paths have disappeared under another blanket of snow.  So I guess today is another snow shovelling day.  We were due to take Nip and Tuc to stay with Len and Margaret for a few days but I rang and cancelled that.  I really didn't want to be responsible for either of them breaking bones taking the dogs for a walk.  Fortunately, the heavy snow didn't fall until Mike was safely back from having his flu jab so at least the initial snow shovelling was not in vain.  I walked up the road yesterday to post a few letters and stopped at the baker and bought a nice crusty loaf.  I needed to drop into the bank but of course they were not yet open so that may be a chore for today and this time I might remember that they don't open until after 10am.  I go so rarely that I had completely forgotten that they have strange opening hours.

Basso has just returned from his morning patrol of the boundaries and his huge paws are double their normal size all clogged up with snow.  He did one circuit of the dining table dropping most of it and has gone back out for more!!!!!

The wonderful Jane is due today but I think I will be getting a phone call to say she is unable to make it.  This will not be much of a problem as I can soon run round the house and fill in for her.  My veg delivery is also due and I am hoping that they make it through as these will be my vegetables for Christmas lunch.  However, should this fail Elaine has offered to walk to the shops and get me anything I need.  On Thursday we are due to take her to the butcher and pick up our meat so we can have a swap of bits and pieces then.  My main chore for today is to change the beds and get the sheets through the washing machine.

Yesterday's shepherds pie was very nice and there was sufficient to make a couple of individual pies for the freezer.  For dinner we had a very simple dish of scallops and prawns seared in butter and garlic and served on a toast door step.  Today for lunch I am going to egg and breadcrumb a couple of chicken breasts and for supper we are going to have bubble and squeak made with brussel sprouts instead of cabbage.  Writing out a menu for the days until Christmas has made things much easier and at least I am spared the "what shall we have?" problem.  It has also made me more efficient as I defrost the next days item in plenty of time.  I have also factored in days when I am going to be busy for quick simple meals that take little or no preparation.  I think this may well be a new years resolution to sit and make a menu for each week or maybe fortnight. Well we all know how long new years resolutions last!!!!! Still it is the thought that counts....

And on that happy note I am off to make preparations for breakfast.  Porridge for 9 - 4 hens, 3 dogs and 2 people.  The hens have theirs with added suet, the dogs with some milk, and us with milk and brown sugar.

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