Thursday morning

Although we are above zero it is the sort of weather my mother used to call "underwater weather", as it resembles living on the bottom of the sea.  Cold, damp, dismal and misty with a watery sun some way off in the distance and viewed through the murk.  I think it is a phenomenon peculiar to these islands and I for one find it very depressing.
The bins got put out yesterday after I had trawled the garden and gathered the dog poo which had been left because of the snow.  Talking of bins, as I took Basso for a walk I passed house after house with mountains of refuse piled high outside the doors and really felt for the bin men - they must really hate the post Christmas collection.  On our walk I met a small boy who was testing, what was obviously, a new bike so I enquired if it had been brought by Father Christmas and if so how did he manage to get it down the chimney.  Well if you had seen the look of utter perplex-ion on the boys face.  It had obviously never crossed his mind that the bike had to be got in the house some how.  After some discussion we finally agreed that Father Christmas was just very clever at getting toys to good boys.  I love the post Xmas walks as all the people look so smart in there new gloves, hats, scarves etc. and they all smell wonderful from the new aftershave/perfume and bath products.
Now for a bit of disappointment I have just received a letter from Amazon letting me know that the Wii will be late and will arrive between 30th and the 3rd but they have refunded the postage and packing to compensate. So I guess I can't complain I will just have to wait!!!![not good at that]  I am also getting anxious that my gun should be ready soon and I am hoping to get some practice in before that beaters day at the shoot.
I got some cooking done yesterday and made the polenta cake, trout flan and a big pot of goulash.  I also got the last of the laundry done and dried so this morning a bit of ironing and it can all go away.
I could have done with a lie in this morning but no I am awake at stupid o'clock so I will be knackered by lunch time just when Mary is due to arrive.
We have had a real disaster in the pond and yesterday I fished out the second of the large mirror carp and another 4 big gold fish all dead as door nails.  The little fish seem to be quite happy it is just the large fish that have suffered - I wonder if they were short of oxygen during the very cold weather.  I did make sure that the ice did not completely occlude the pond but it was obviously insufficient.  Well I suppose it will give the little fish a chance to grow up unfettered by the hungry mouths.
Yesterday evening I had a call from Margaret who was worried about Tuc he had been sick and showing signs of stress.  I suggested that she ignore him completely for an hour and see how he was then - needless to say he had settled down.  I think he was feeling guilty about being sick and being highly strung is inclined to go into a terminal decline if he feels he has done wrong.  If you saw him you would think we beat him on a regular basis as he slinks about in corners or hiding under furniture.
OK, second cup of coffee and on with the ironing - have a good one everybody.....
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