Thursday morning

It's a dogs life!!!! don't they all look stressed out about Christmas?

Today we start in earnest - first port of call will be the chemist to pick up Mikes prescription we don't want any problems over the holidays.  Then it is on to the butcher to pick up the meat and finally I need some potatoes and cream which I may have to run into Tesco for then that is it.  The snow is due to start at lunch time but lets hope it is not as bad as the last couple of falls.  I managed to get the mince pies made and put safely away and the trout quiche made and adequate lunch and supper. All the ironing got done and put away so we are almost there.  I also went with Basso to play postman and deliver all the local cards.  It was not much fun as the snow was very slushy and slippery but we made it without incident.  The cutlery has been through the silver dip and the final presents wrapped and ready. But guess who forgot to put the bins out?  Fortunately we don't have vast amounts of rubbish so it can sit happily in the garage for a while.  For lunch today we are just going to have some pasta Milanese that is with butter and parmesan and dinner will be a sirloin steak with stuffed tomato.   James is due tomorrow evening but his shift doesn't finish until 4pm so by the time he has got home and gather his bits and pieces he will not be with us until 6-7 assuming that there are no snow problems.

Poor Jackie and David have cancelled their Christmas as Jackie is pole axed with a stinking cold and while she may be better come the day it is all the preparation work that she will miss.  I think they have been very wise to cancel rather than try to struggle on and give everyone a cold for Christmas...... Some times it takes more courage to cancel than to plough on regardless.

Jane has offered to come on Xmas eve which would be nice but if we have the expected snow fall that too may get cancelled.  She is very nervous of driving in the snow and has a small light car which is fine normally but not designed for these conditions.

As soon as it is light I will clean the hens out which should see them over the holiday period though they do need food and water on a daily basis.  The water is especially important as it tends to freeze over night and surprisingly they do drink a lot.  I usually take them a litre of warm water each morning which keeps them going over the day.  The tap in the green house has been frozen for weeks so that is useless I just hope that the pipes are not damaged when they eventually defrost.

The arrangements for Xmas day are that Len and Margaret will come to us after the 11am Mass that they want to attend.  If however it is snowy I will go and collect them in the 4x4 and if I take the long route via the motorway I can avoid the very steep hill up to their house.  As I don't drink it means I can then take them home again in the evening and they can have a comfortable night in their own beds.  However they are back again on boxing day to help eat the left overs.....

Well that it for now I am off to the shower and brace myself for the day!!!!!
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